The best anti-lice products in the UK 2023

Every year, your child has just gone back to school and the dreaded bugs are coming in as well. Don't panic, anti-lice products are there to help you. These are products specially designed to treat and even eradicate them permanently. In this article, we will introduce you to the best anti-lice products.

Puressentiel Anti Lice 1

Editor's Choice

Puressentiel Anti Lice

The best anti-lice product in 2021

Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion is the 100% natural radical treatment against these little invaders, effective from the 1st application. With this lotion, you can get rid of them quickly.

9,11 £ on Amazon

This lotion with proven effectiveness in only 10 minutes is ideal to get rid of lice, larvae and nits by acting by asphyxiation. Rich in 4 essential oils and 6 vegetable oils, this anti-lice product nourishes the hair fiber and soothes itching. Tested under dermatological control, this anti-lice product does not irritate the scalp. These vegetable oils are, sweet almond, calophyllum, coconut, jojoba, castor and sunflower. Easy and practical to use thanks to its bottle with applicator and its comb with lice steel, this lotion anti-lice leaves the silky and brilliant hair while enveloping them of a fresh and pleasant perfume.

Moreover, this anti-lice lotion is without conservative, without synthetic perfume and without propellant. It is tough on lice, gentle on hair and the environment, as it contains no synthetic insecticides, dimethiconol or silicone. Contained in a 100 ml bottle and with a weight of 146 g, Puressentiel anti-lice product is a product derived from aromatherapy. It is therefore ideal to help you fight these parasites.

P'tit Dop Radical Anti-Lice Lotion 2

The best cheapest

P'tit Dop Radical Anti-Lice Lotion

The best anti-lice product in 2021

P'tit dop radical lotion is a medical device indicated in the treatment of lice and nits of hair, for adults and children from 3 years. It is the ideal solution to get rid of them definitively.

7,84 £ on Amazon

The lotion P'tit Dop against lice and nits is very effective in only one application. This lotion is formulated without chemical insecticide, with natural extracts of Lavender, its mechanical action on lice avoids any risk of resistance. It kills lice and nits in 45 minutes by suffocating them.

Its application is easy, because it is enough for you to apply it to slightly wet hair, then to mass it until total impregnation of the hair. Conceived in a tube of 100 ml this lotion is very effective to fight against the lice. With P'tit Dop Lotion, you can be sure to eliminate the lice at the beginning of the school year of your children.

Pouxit Lotion XF Anti Lice 3

The best high end

Pouxit Lotion XF Anti Lice

The best anti-lice product in 2021

Pouxit XF Anti Lice is indicated in the treatment of the hair and the scalp to eliminate the lice and their nits. The concentrate is suitable for adults and children over 6 months. It is also suitable for pregnant and nursing women.

18,56 £ on Amazon

Pouxit's XF Anti Lice Lotion acts physically by engulfing lice and nits and thus blocking their metabolism. Odorless, colorless, it is 100% effective. The application can be done in all discretion. With its patented formula and reinforced with Penetrol, Pouxit XF overactivates its action against the nits and eradicates the lice, larvae and nits in 15 minutes.

The effectiveness of Pouxit XF has been demonstrated by several large-scale clinical studies carried out under real conditions of use. Indeed, only this type of study allows to conclude the true effectiveness of an anti-lice product. This means that this lotion is safe and very secure. Contained in a bottle of 200 ml, and of 238 g, by applying it, you do not need any more second application or a complete night of pose. With all these virtues, the lotion pouxit is therefore perfect to treat lice and nits of your children.

Chamomilo lice buster 4

The best of excellent choice

Chamomilo lice buster

The best anti-lice product in 2021

The Chamomilo lice buster spray of the brand Tree of life is an anti-lice product for babies. The composition of this hair product is suitable for newborns up to babies of 24 months.

12,19 £ on Amazon
Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-lice product

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The best anti-lice product in 2021

The best anti-lice product in 2021

The best anti-lice product in 2021

The best anti-lice product in 2021

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Comparison table of the best anti-lice products

Editor's Choice Inexpensive High-end Excellent selection
Puressentiel Anti Lice 5
P'tit Dop Radical Anti-Lice Lotion 6
Pouxit Lotion XF Anti Lice 7
Chamomilo lice buster 8
Puressentiel Anti Lice
P'tit Dop Radical Anti-Lice Lotion
Pouxit Lotion XF Anti Lice
Chamomilo lice buster
Puressentiel Anti-Lice Treatment Lotion is the 100% natural radical treatment against these little invaders, effective from the 1st application. With this lotion, you can get rid of them quickly.
P'tit dop radical lotion is a medical device indicated in the treatment of lice and nits of hair, for adults and children from 3 years. It is the ideal solution to get rid of them definitively.
Pouxit XF Anti Lice is indicated in the treatment of the hair and the scalp to eliminate the lice and their nits. The concentrate is suitable for adults and children over 6 months. It is also suitable for pregnant and nursing women.
The Chamomilo lice buster spray of the brand Tree of life is an anti-lice product for babies. The composition of this hair product is suitable for newborns up to babies of 24 months.
100 ml
100 ml
200 ml
120 ml
Laying time
10 minutes
45 minutes
15 minutes
7 minutes
for adults and children
for adults and children from 3 years old
for adults and children over 6 months
For babies
100% natural radical treatment
with natural extracts of Lavender
Super safe lotion
Made with chamomile oil

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Buying guide - anti-lice product

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How to choose your anti-lice product

To choose the best product for your child, consider the few criteria we will present below. For that you have to check well:

#1 - The composition

When it comes to choosing, you have in mind to exterminate them permanently, so you need a product that is very effective. To do this, choose the product that works by the physical mode of action that causes the suffocation and dehydration of lice and nits. Only such a mode of action prevents the pests from developing resistance to the product.

#2 - The effectiveness of the product

Choose the product that is effective after only one use. Carefully read the instructions included on the outer packaging and in the manual instructions. Information about repeating the treatment after 7 or 10 days means that the product is not fully effective. The crucial parameter is 100% effectiveness against nits.

#3 - The reviews

It is also very important to take into account the opinions of those around you or internet users. On the web, there are many customer reviews explaining the pros and cons that can be really helpful. This can help you get an idea of the right product to treat your children's lice and nits.

#4 - The brand

Another very important criteria is the brand. It is highly recommended to always choose a product from a well-known brand. Because not only will it be excellent in terms of product quality, but it will also offer better customer support, which can be helpful if you encounter a problem with the Anti Lice keyword in the future.

A brand may be great if it is made overseas or in the world, but if it does not offer service near you, that can be a problem. So, when choosing a brand, make sure the customer service or service center is nearby.

#5 - The guarantee

The last criterion is the warranty. This is because well-known brand anti-lice products are not easily damaged, and even if they do, there is a guarantee that you can repair for free if there is a problem with the manufacturer or malfunction for no reason.

But if you buy lice removers from unknown brands that don't have a warranty, chances are you'll end up spending a lot on repairs and maintenance.

Itch treatment and monitoring

Lice treatment and itching

Itching may last for several days after lice treatment, but this does not necessarily mean that the treatment did not work. If you or your child experiences any side effects, talk to your pharmacist.

Monitoring after lice treatment

After the treatment is over, monitor your child's hair regularly to make sure the lice and nits are gone. Once the lice are gone and "cured", your child can be infected again because he/she is not "immune" as after a viral illness for example.

The different types of anti-lice products

Once you have an idea of which lice control product to choose, all you have to do is determine what form of lice control product you will purchase. We will see below, the types of anti-lice products that exist on the market.

Anti-lice lotion

The anti-lice lotion is formulated on the basis of dimeticone (percentage around 4%) or essential and vegetable oil. It asphyxiates the lice, the nits and the larvas. Contrary to a spray anti-lice, it does not diffuse in the air and does not irritate the bronchi of the people sensitive to certain components or reached of respiratory difficulties.

They are put on dry hair and have to act between 10 minutes and 12 hours. They are the most widespread on the market.

Anti-lice spray

Formulated with insecticides or paralyzing products, it is sprayed to destroy the lice of the hair. They are applied on the whole hair with a comb and then leave it on. Used on dry hair, it is recommended for children and adults without respiratory or asthmatic disorders.

Once it has acted, this lice treatment is removed with a mild shampoo.

Anti-lice shampoos

Lice shampoos can be used alone or in addition to the anti-lice lotion in case of heavy infestation. The anti-lice shampoos are applied like a traditional shampoo. It is very important that you respect the application time so that their effect is maximum.

An anti-lice product or an anti-lice comb

An anti-lice product

The advantage of anti-lice products is that they combine natural mechanical agents (mineral or vegetable oils) with substances extracted from plants that are supposed to have a neurotoxic effect on lice. These are essential oils, such as lavender, ylang-ylang, geranium, tea tree, clove. Also, they are very effective and affordable on the market.

The main disadvantage is that they have the same disadvantages as all products based on essential oils. Namely a risk of allergy, skin intolerance and a possible endocrine disruptor character. They are also not made for all ages.

An anti-lice comb

The advantage is that they are chemical-free mechanical methods, which means there is no risk of allergy with them. They also reduce your budget, as only one comb is needed for a whole family to kill lice and nits. The first disadvantage is that the treatment is long and tiring, because you have to pass the electronic comb through the hair strand by strand and repeat the exercise every day for 14 days in a row.

Since the combing is done on dry hair and lice move quickly, some of them may escape the comb. You have to comb the same spot several times to catch and kill them.


If you want an effective method that will eradicate lice and nits as quickly as possible, choose an anti-lice product. However, if you have an allergy problem, it is better to choose an anti-lice comb, as it is safe.

Reasons to eliminate lice with an anti-lice product

They live only on humans

They have an extremely narrow environment, only human hosts can support head lice. They cannot live on your cat, dog or any other species of animal. They live on human blood, as this is their only food. Not only that, but they need the body heat of a human host.

Lice do not move around on their own

Lice do not fly or even jump. This is good news, because it limits their movement from host to host. Lice spread mainly through head-to-head contact, which is why head lice are most prevalent among children. This is because they have more contact with each other than adults. Children often get close to each other, snuggle, tell secrets, just being children. Often sometimes during their closeness, they even touch heads together. As a parent, when you get head lice, it is usually from your children.

Anti-lice products are really effective

All-organic, pesticide-free treatments consist of trained professionals performing a meticulous inspection and combing with industry-specific lice vegetables, using all-organic products to kill and eliminate all adult lice, nits and eliminate all eggs to prevent future outbreaks.

Lice don't hurt, but they are unpleasant

Unlike the itchiness commonly associated with head lice, they really don't hurt. They don't spread disease, cause illness or cause any other health problems. They're really just annoying.

The eggs are the hardest part of lice removal

Adult lice are easy to remove because they are larger and can be picked up with a fine-tooth comb. The eggs, or nits, are very small and blend in with light colored hair. A louse lays its eggs one at a time on individual hairs, attaching each nit to a hair with a glue-like substance. It is difficult to pull them out of the hair. That's why you need to use an anti-lice product to eradicate them permanently.

The best brands of anti-lice products

In our opinion, the best brands of anti-lice products in 2022 are :

Tree of life

designs natural, organic health, aromatherapy and cosmetic products using essential oils and the purest active ingredients. Puressentiel develops ready-to-use formulas for the everyday ailments of the whole family: indoor air purification, joint or muscle pain, allergies and respiratory problems, disturbed sleep, stress, intimate hygiene, slimming, heavy legs, skin beauty, anti-lice treatments, mosquito and biting insect repellents...

For 80 years, DOP has been accompanying the bath time of French families. It is to this family brand with exceptional longevity that we owe such major innovations as the 1st soap-free shampoo, which, as early as 1934, contributed to the progressive awareness of the French to personal hygiene.

is a product brand designed by the COOPER Laboratory for the treatment of nits and lice. This laboratory is dedicated to making available to all, products that are essential to the well-being of everyone.

founded in 2001, Tree of life is a dynamic pharmaceutical and health products company. It develops and manages a wide range of products.

Developed by Duhot Laboratories, the Déparaz brand is designed to help eliminate lice and nits effectively. Through the development of an innovative formula, this brand brilliantly stands out from other lice product lines.

What is the price for an anti-lice product

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 50 £
50 £ to 100 £
more than 100 £
Price range diagram


Prevent head lice

Every parent has heard tips on how to keep lice from invading your home. Add hair products to your child's hair daily ,a little mousse, hair gel, dry shampoo or styling goes a long way. If your child has long hair, keep your child's hair using other appropriate hair accessories.

Don't wash your child's hair every day

This is not necessary, because if you think washing it often will make the lice go away, it won't. Lice can survive water and shampoo that does not contain a substance that can kill them. They adapt to any environment. That's why they're nasty.

Wash your children's belongings

Lice live in the hair, however your children's belongings can be infested, because outside the hair according to one study, they can live for another 36 hours. This gives them time to move from one place to another when they come in contact. For this, keep your child's rugs, jackets, clothes, pillows, stuffed animals, clean them by washing in hot water to avoid transmission between children's belongings.

Check for head lice

To check your child's head for lice, sit in a brightly lit room and part the hair to look at the scalp. This is the best way to check for head lice. The nests will look like small white or yellow-brown spots and will be firmly attached to the hair near the scalp. The easiest place to find them is on the back of the neck or behind the ears. Nests can be mistaken for many other things, such as dandruff, dirt particles or hair spray droplets. The way to tell the difference is that nests are attached while dandruff, dirt or other particles are not.

Treat head lice

Check with your pediatrician on which medicine is best. There are many creams, lotions and shampoos that treat head lice, with some being over the counter and some prescription. After experiencing a case of head lice in your home, be sure to wash clothes, towels, hats and bed linens in hot water. Remember, head lice are not a serious disease or illness and do not cause serious health problems. But prompt treatment can help prevent the spread and recurrence of head lice in the near future.


Can lice survive in water?

When they come into contact with water, lice close their breathing holes and are able to remain apneic. If they don't swim, they will take advantage of the smallest hair to cling to. So to answer this question, the answer is yes. That's why washing your hair during a lice infestation is useless.

Why should I treat my environment for lice and nits?

When your child gets lice, the whole family is concerned. Indeed, head lice can invade the whole house: sheets, comforters, beds, sofas, comforters, clothes, car seats, bicycle helmets, strollers... Lice can live up to 36 hours without occupying the hair, the risk of reinfestation remains present. It is therefore important to treat the house, in order to eliminate lice and nits from your environment.

How can I check my child for lice?

Your child scratches his head? Diagnosing the infestation first is essential, and it's not obvious to the naked eye. The lice comb, properly used, will allow you to confirm your suspicions.

What can I do to prevent re-infestation of lice?

To prevent your child from catching lice again, regularly check his or her hair and those of your family members. To reduce the risk, ask your child not to swap clothes (scarf, hat) with other children, tie up long hair or braid it. Wear a bathing cap at the pool. Wash bedding and personal accessories (scarves, hats, etc.) at 60°C.


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Puressentiel Anti Lice
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P'tit Dop Radical Anti-Lice Lotion
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Pouxit Lotion XF Anti Lice
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Chamomilo lice buster


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