The best anti-fatigue kitchen mat in the UK 2023

If you like to cook, you know that standing for several hours can give you back pain and unbearable leg pressure. Especially since today's modern kitchen designs include hardwood or ceramic floors. To help you combat these fatigues, why not buy anti-fatigue kitchen mats? Read our guide to find out more.

Gorilla Grip Original Premium 1

Best value for money

Gorilla Grip Original Premium

The best kitchen anti-fatigue mat

The Gorilla Grip Original Premium was designed to reduce the risk of leg and foot fatigue. You can benefit from it in the kitchen as well as in the office. It is made of rubber and contains no chemicals.

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The Gorilla Grip Original Premium is very practical at home but also at the office. It will be of great help to you especially if you have to cook for a long time in a standing position. Thanks to the quality of its materials, this anti-fatigue kitchen mat will not sag or compress despite intensive use.

Gorilla Grip Original Premium is19 mm thick and made of high quality foam to reduce pressure. It offers you an optimal level of support over the long term. The textured surface and beveled edge prevent you from accidentally tripping. This model is easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Yo-Yo MAT 2

Best value for money


The best entry-level kitchen anti-fatigue mat

The Yo-Yo MAT anti-fatigue kitchen mat features activeFeet technology. Fatigue will be reduced while the level of comfort will be maximized. The same goes for your productivity.

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The Yo-Yo MAT can be used at the office or in the kitchen and has a structure that invites you to make small movements that stimulate blood circulation. If you tend to stand for long periods of time, you have a lot to gain from the ActiveFeet technology. Indeed, this technology offers the advantage of reducing fatigue as well as dull pain.

Yo-Yo MAT is built to last. Made of one-piece polyurethane with a high density core, it provides excellent support. Its use remains safe thanks to its bevelled edges and its non-slip base.

Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 3

Best value for money

Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2

The best high-end kitchen anti-fatigue mat

The Newlife mat by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 promises maximum comfort. It adheres effectively to the floor because of its non-slip base. This model can be placed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or near your workstation.

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The Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 reduces stress, discomfort and fatigue. It features Ergo-Foam Core technology to relieve pressure on your legs, feet and spine. American made, this model includes beveled and reinforced edges to prevent tripping.

The Newlife anti-fatigue kitchen mat by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 is very resistant to water and stains while remaining easy to clean. In addition, it will make you feel more energetic, thus increasing your productivity. The presence of antimicrobial additive helps fight mold and mildew.

Amcomfy 2032-01AQ 4

A great choice

Amcomfy 2032-01AQ

Antique-style kitchen anti-fatigue mat

Measuring 20 x 32 inches, the Amcomfy 2032-01AQ will be perfect for an office, kitchen or even a garage. Its main advantage is its ability to relieve foot, knee, leg and back pain.

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At 1.9 cm thick, the Amcomfy 2032-01AQ anti-fatigue kitchen mat features a beautiful antique-style floral pattern. It is comfortable and stable . You can stand on it for long hours without worry. The beveled edges of the mat greatly reduce the risk of injury.

The materials used in the design of the Amcomfy 2032-01AQ are durable and highly resistant to stains. A few wipes with a damp cloth and a household cleaner are all that is needed to maintain it. Moreover, it does not deform or compress under the user's weight.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best anti-fatigue kitchen mat

Any specific needs?

The best kitchen anti-fatigue mat

The best entry-level kitchen anti-fatigue mat

The best high-end kitchen anti-fatigue mat

Antique-style kitchen anti-fatigue mat

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Comparison table of the best anti-fatigue kitchen mat

Gorilla Grip Original Premium 5
Yo-Yo MAT 6
Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 7
Amcomfy 2032-01AQ 8
Gorilla Grip Original Premium
Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2
Amcomfy 2032-01AQ
The Gorilla Grip Original Premium was designed to reduce the risk of leg and foot fatigue. You can benefit from it in the kitchen as well as in the office. It is made of rubber and contains no chemicals.
The Yo-Yo MAT anti-fatigue kitchen mat features activeFeet technology. Fatigue will be reduced while the level of comfort will be maximized. The same goes for your productivity.
The Newlife mat by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2 promises maximum comfort. It adheres effectively to the floor because of its non-slip base. This model can be placed in the kitchen, in the bathroom or near your workstation.
Measuring 20 x 32 inches, the Amcomfy 2032-01AQ will be perfect for an office, kitchen or even a garage. Its main advantage is its ability to relieve foot, knee, leg and back pain.
20″ x 32″
92 x 52 cm
20″ x 48″
20″ x 32″
1.27 kg
1.98 kg
3.56 kg
948 g
1.9 cm
1.9 cm
1.9 cm

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Buying guide - anti-fatigue kitchen mat

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How to choose your anti-fatigue kitchen mat

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats are thick, soft and comfortable mats to reduce discomfort and fatigue during prolonged periods of standing. The following criteria have been chosen to help you in your choice.

#1 - The format

Having the right size rug is important, as this material will also be an element of your kitchen decoration. Also, consider the layout of your kitchen, the size of the rug you will need, as well as the color that will match your interior.

#2 - Thickness and flexibility


when standing, it is important for your health to adopt comfortable positions. For this, the anti-fatigue mat must have a certain elasticity so that it can not only adapt to your changes in position, but also allow you to adopt a variety of positions, even after several weeks or months of use. The most important thing is that you don't stay in a slumped position all day, as this could have a negative impact on your spine.

#3 - Lifetime of the anti-fatigue kitchen mat


the mat will be used on a daily basis, its durability must

be considered.

To do this, you need to inspect your mat well, find out what type of foam or plastic is used.

#4 - The level of firmness of the anti-fatigue kitchen mat


must determine how firm the mat is, because this is the essential point that plays the most on the fight against fatigue. If the mat is too hard or too soft, you will not have the ideal support for your back and legs, and this may increase your fatigue.

#5 - The responsiveness of the anti-fatigue kitchen mat


the mat returns to its original shape after you walk. This means the mat is responsive. If it doesn't, it is slow to respond. Treadmills that do not respond quickly and efficiently can cause even more fatigue. If the Treadmill is slow, you will have to work harder to maintain your stability.

How to maintain your anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

Designed to stimulate leg muscles with small movements that improve blood circulation, the anti-fatigue kitchen mat is an excellent solution to reduce the effects of prolonged standing while preparing meals, for example.

The most commonly used anti-fatigue kitchen mat is the anti-slip kitchen mat. Very practical, it protects the floor from splashes and dirt. Moreover, thanks to its unique coating, it does not slip once placed on the floor. Moreover, it is a good decoration for the kitchen.

This accessory requires regular maintenance in order to keep it in good condition as long as possible, but especially for health reasons. Indeed, the anti-fatigue kitchen mats can easily harbor food bacteria. First of all, it is essential to carefully read the manual that contains information and instructions from the manufacturer on the maintenance of your product. Indeed, you can put it in the washing machine or also wash it by hand. It depends on your preferences.

First, you should vacuum your carpet regularly to remove dust and dirt. For cleaning, it is very easy. If you want to do a simple cleaning, just give it a good sweep. For a deep cleaning, the use of water and a cleaning product of your choice is necessary.

Finally, for an optimal cleaning, it should be noted that when you notice a crack in the top layer, you will have to replace it with another one.

The different types of anti-fatigue kitchen mat

There are several types of anti-fatigue kitchen mats on the market, and it is often very difficult to choose one. To help you, we have collected the types below:

Anti-fatigue kitchen mats, granular or rough

It is a powerful anti-skid

. This carpet is very appropriate in a kitchen. Indeed, its granular or rough property allows it to reduce slips and risks of slipping. Moreover, the granularity of the carpet allows the feet to adapt easily to the surface, it facilitates the blood circulation and gives a cushioning effect in relation to the floor. This way, the foot and calf muscles are relaxed and contracted. And also because the mat is rough, dirt cannot get into it, so it is easier to wash. With this type of mat, the anti-fatigue level is high because the movements are reduced and cushioned.

Anti-fatigue kitchen mat with bubbles


type of mat provides exceptional comfort. Its bubble surface stimulates blood circulation and eliminates back and leg pain. And to prevent users from tripping or putting their foot in the mat, manufacturers have beveled and sealed all four sides of the mat. Cleanable with a broom, this mat is recommended for use in the kitchen, although it is generally used in dry environments. And in accordance with the NFPA standard, the anti-fatigue bubble mat is free of toxic and harmful products. Also classified as non-slip, the mat can be used intensively because it isolates from the floor and from vibrations, and relieves the user when standing.

Why buy an anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

Better blood circulation

Anti-fatigue mats allow for better blood circulation and better posture. This reduces the risks associated with poor circulation such as tingling, numbness, shooting or stinging pains, muscle cramps, etc.


Anti-fatigue kitchen mats have more padding, support and comfort than traditional kitchen mats. They allow you to stand comfortably for longer, whether you're barefoot or wearing shoes. And some anti-fatigue kitchen mats even feel like walking on clouds.

More grip and traction (non-slip)

As we know, kitchen surfaces don't offer the best traction, so it's not uncommon to accidentally slip or fall. Fortunately, anti-fatigue floor mats reduce the risk of slipping and falling on smooth and/or wet kitchen surfaces.

Anti-fatigue mats improve your well-being

Pain and fatigue can lead to anxiety, depression and stress. Anti-fatigue mats help solve these problems by making your efforts more

more comfortable. The unique design and material of these mats promote increased blood circulation and encourage micromovements in the legs, providing valuable physical support that ultimately reduces fatigue.

Anti-fatigue mats protect your floors

Your shoes aren't exactly the cleanest, and over time, dirt and moisture from shoes will affect the quality of your floors. With anti-fatigue mats, you'll protect your floors from damage due to dirt, moisture and other contaminants.


Install your anti-fatigue kitchen mat in the right place

Place your kitchen fatigue mat exactly where you stand the longest in the kitchen. In most cases, this will be in front of the work surface. There, you will be able to enjoy its health benefits while quietly cooking good food for yourself and your loved ones. That said, don't hesitate to move it according to your activities in the kitchen, for example near the sink when you have to wash the dishes manually.

Clean your kitchen fatigue mat regularly

The kitchen is one of the rooms that can get dirty very quickly in the house. Crumbs, oil stains and other dirt can quickly get on your anti-fatigue mat, so be sure to wash it very regularly to avoid the proliferation of microbes. At least, vacuum it and disinfect it if you can't wash it frequently.

Work on them barefoot

Barefoot on the kitchen anti fatigue mat for more comfort and to better enjoy the well-being it can provide. By not putting on shoes, you will feel better how soft it is. Besides, you will prevent your feet and legs from getting tired too quickly, as they will feel more free and not compressed by shoes.

Replace your worn out kitchen fatigue mat

Wear and tear can be seen as soon as you see a slight crack on the top layer of your kitchen anti fatigue mat. If you notice this or it seems to be coming off the bottom surface, replace your anti fatigue mat, as its effectiveness will not be as good as before. Besides, the cleaning of the mat will not be optimal either.

Use your anti-fatigue kitchen mat differently

Your kitchen anti fatigue mat can also relieve you from fatigue for other tasks that require standing for a long time. You can divert its main function, and use it for example when you work, or when you do DIY. Enjoy the well-being and comfort it provides anywhere in your home!


What is the best anti-fatigue kitchen mat?

The best anti-fatigue kitchen mat depends on your needs and your budget. Read our buying guide for the best products available.

When to use anti-fatigue floor mats?

If you plan to stand for more than forty minutes while working, it is recommended that you purchase an anti-fatigue floor mat. For people who often experience frequent joint pain or lower back complications, ergonomic mats will help solve the problem quickly. In a nutshell, if you plan to perform standing activity for longer periods of time, it is wise to use an ergonomic mat. Choose an eco-friendly mat that will help you overcome dangerous or serious health complications.

What are anti-fatigue floor mats made of?

In most cases, the different types of carpet available on the market are designed with a denser foam rather than a soft material. Nevertheless, a thin, soft carpet will create a great impact when placed on concrete or porcelain tiles. If the carpet is used in an area exposed to moisture, such as a shower, it should be non-slip. These rugs can also be roughened, or printed and will provide a variety of aesthetic alternatives.

How does the anti-fatigue floor mat work?

Anti-fatigue mats are made to force your body to make frequent adjustments. This will help improve weight distribution and blood flow. The weight distribution will help eliminate the amount of swelling and relieve joints that can be caused by standing longer without any support.


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Gorilla Grip Original Premium
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Newlife by Gelpro 104-00-2048-2
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Amcomfy 2032-01AQ


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