The best discusers in the UK 2023

The grinder is an electroportable equipment well known by the do-it-yourselfers and the professionals. It can be used to grind, cut, strip, polish or surface works in wood, metal, concrete or stone. As there are different types of grinders on the market, choosing the right model can seem complicated. Corded or cordless, straight or angle? At what price, with what power? So many questions to answer. Don't waste your time looking: read this guide to the best disc cutters available today.

Einhell TE-AG 230 1

Best value for money

Einhell TE-AG 230

The best grinder in 2021

With its 2,350 W motor and its rotation of up to 11,000 rpm, the Einhell TE-AG 230 angle grinder is suitable for construction work, renovation, and personal creations. Although it weighs 6.4 kg, this grinder is still very handy.

87,20 £ on Amazon

Like most power tools made by Einhell, the TE-AG 230 corded grinder has a soft-start feature designed to maximize user safety. Its 3 m power cord allows you to keep some freedom of movement, even more so if you use an extension cord. This angle grinder has a Softgrip coating that reduces vibrations to a minimum. If comfort is important to you, this is the machine for you.

Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or a professional, the Einhell TE-AG 230 angle grinder will be a great help for your work of all kinds. Thanks to its 3-position handle and its protective cover, you will enjoy optimal comfort and safety when handling it. Note its flat metal head, which allows you to fine-tune the finishing touches.

Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional 2

Best value for money

Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional

The best entry-level grinder

Easy to use and powerful, this corded grinder from Bosch is equipped with a 720 W motor that will allow you to work on different materials. Versatile, this tool can be used by craftsmen of all trades.

49,20 £ on Amazon

Bosch couldn't be clearer, its GWS 7-125 Professional is a tool for professional use. However, there is nothing to stop a DIY enthusiast from adopting it, especially if you want to own a powerful and handy disc saw. This angular model has a removable side handle as well as a protective cover that enhances the user's safety. In the low-cost category, the Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional is considered to be a featherweight, weighing only 1.9 kg on the scale.

As the head of this angle grinder is relatively narrow and flat, you will be able to get into the smallest nooks and crannies for a perfect finish to your creations. With a power of 720 W, the motor of the Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional ensures a speed up to 11,000 rpm. You can use it to cut steel pipes, polish profiles or remove weld marks.

Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW 3

Best premium value for money

Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW

The best high-end grinder

In the world of cordless grinders, the Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW reigns supreme. Lightweight, powerful and easy to handle, this popular grinder allows professionals to work on hard materials for hours without getting tired.

106 £ on Amazon

The Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW has the particularity to work without cord. Indeed, it is powered by a 4 Ah battery supplied. This angle grinder is compatible with all 125 mm grinding discs and is powered by an 18 V carbonless digital motor. This motor is protected against overloads and unexpected restarts while offering this grinder the same performance as a corded grinder. In this sense, this model is no different from a powerful corded grinder, except for its limited autonomy.

Note that the Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW has a soft start feature that ensures a smooth and comfortable start. To give you a better grip and optimize heat dissipation and durability, the body of this angle grinder has a high-strength aluminum coating. The lockable switch is convenient for one or two-handed operation.

Dremel Lite 7760 4

Portable disk drive

Dremel Lite 7760

The best straight grinder

This particularly compact Dremel straight grinder is mainly used for precision work. It comes with a chuck that allows the user to quickly and easily change the accessories he needs for his tasks.

58,40 £ on Amazon

Compact and versatile are the qualities that best describe the Dremel Lite 7760. This ultra-portable straight grinder is best suited for polishing on semi-rigid materials. However, it can also be used for precision cutting. This model appeals for its design, its maneuverability, but above all for its rather surprising performance. For example, its rotation speed can reach 25,000 rpm, which is enormous for a device of this size!

Note, however, that this Dremel is aimed at DIYers, artists and enthusiasts. Whether you're used to working on wood or ferrous materials, this straight grinder will complete a wide range of projects. Its 3.6V lithium battery provides 1.5 hours of runtime with a 2.5 hour recharge time. The Dremel Lite 7760 comes with a set of 15 accessories to start working as soon as you receive the package.

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The best grinder in 2021

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Comparison table of the best discusers

Einhell TE-AG 230 5
Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional 6
Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW 7
Dremel Lite 7760 8
Einhell TE-AG 230
Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional
Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW
Dremel Lite 7760
With its 2,350 W motor and its rotation of up to 11,000 rpm, the Einhell TE-AG 230 angle grinder is suitable for construction work, renovation, and personal creations. Although it weighs 6.4 kg, this grinder is still very handy.
Easy to use and powerful, this corded grinder from Bosch is equipped with a 720 W motor that will allow you to work on different materials. Versatile, this tool can be used by craftsmen of all trades.
In the world of cordless grinders, the Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW reigns supreme. Lightweight, powerful and easy to handle, this popular grinder allows professionals to work on hard materials for hours without getting tired.
This particularly compact Dremel straight grinder is mainly used for precision work. It comes with a chuck that allows the user to quickly and easily change the accessories he needs for his tasks.
Comfort of use
2 350 W
720 W
18 V
3.6 V
Number of revolutions per minute
11,000 rpm
11,000 rpm
8,000 rpm
5,000 to 25,000 rpm
Number of accessories
Power supply
Wired (3 m cable)
Electric cable
Lithium-ion battery
Lithium-ion battery

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Buying guide - angle grinder

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How to choose your angle grinder

In order to help you understand how a grinder works, we have put together all the criteria you need to take into account during your comparison.

#1 - The power of the motor

The motor is the heart of any power tool. Therefore, it must be powerful enough to allow you to work efficiently. It is the power of the motor that determines the ability of a device to deburr, cut or polish very rigid materials. For personal use, a 600 W grinder is more than sufficient. On the other hand, for professional use, a model with a power of 2000 W is better suited.

#2 - The power supply

You will have to choose between the corded and cordless grinder. If the first model offers no compromise in terms of power, the second provides immense freedom of movement while working. A corded grinder is recommended for jobs on construction sites, but it requires the presence of a power source on site. A lithium-ion battery-powered unit can be used simply as a backup power saw.

#3 - The resistance of the disc

The blade is the most important component of a power saw. There are different types, and it's up to you to choose the strength according to the work you plan to do. For home DIY, especially for finishing, a 115 mm diameter disc with a thickness of 0 to 30 mm will be needed. On the other hand, a 230 mm diameter and 60 mm thick disc is better suited for cutting hard surfaces. For professional use, diamond discs are recommended, as they are suitable for all types of materials.

#4 - The weight of the device

The more powerful the motor of the disc cutter, the heavier the unit. Don't get stuck with a tool that makes you work your biceps a lot. Choose a machine that combines lightness and power, which will make your work less grueling. A grinder that weighs an average of 3.5 kg is ideal for any purpose.

#5 - The secondary handle

Not all grinders come with this secondary handle, although it makes handling the machine much easier. Whenever possible, choose a tool that has this accessory.

What can you do with a disc grinder?

The disc grinder, more commonly known as a grinder, is a work tool equipped with a disc that allows you to perform a variety of cutting and sanding tasks. As the grinder can be fitted with different types of discs, you will be able to carry out different jobs on different materials. Among other things, this tool can be used to :

- Cutting tiles

- Cutting and slicing wood

- Grinding glass

- Grinding concrete

- Grinding steel

Most grinders are equipped with an electronic motor that is powered by a mains socket or a battery that activates the rotation of two axes. The disc of the grinder is positioned perpendicularly on the second axis which rotates 90°. Thus, under the pressure of the motor, the first axis drives the rotation of the second axis which allows the disc to turn quickly.

Rule of thumb for using a grinder

It is easy to use a grinder, but it requires some precautions to be taken because it is a dangerous device. To avoid injury, wear gloves, goggles and a helmet while operating the machine. But above all, avoid installing a faulty disc on the device. You should also adjust the housing to avoid getting material chips on your face. When changing a disc, make it a habit to turn off the unit.

The different types of discusers

The disc cutter is a device that will be very useful on a daily basis whether you are an excellent handyman or not. On the market, you will find 3 variations of this portable electric tool.

The angle grinder

This angle grinder has an axis of rotation that forms a right angle with the tool. Very popular with construction professionals, metalworkers and artists, the angle grinder is compatible with discs of various diameters and thicknesses. This device is mostly used to perform cutting, polishing, sanding and deburring work on very strong materials such as steel or concrete.

The straight grinder

On this type of angle grinder, the rotation pivot is in the same axis as the motor of the device. So to use it, you need to install a grinding wheel, flap wheel, or disc on the end of the unit. It is mostly used for trimming, sanding or stripping objects.

The mini grinder

As it is small in size, this grinder is very easy to use. This equipment is mostly used for home improvement or for small masonry or plumbing jobs. Just like the machine itself, the discs are also small in size. Their diameters vary between 115 and 125 mm. As far as power is concerned, it rarely exceeds 170 W.

Corded or cordless grinder?

The corded grinder

The corded grinder is more powerful than a cordless model. The power supply requires that you have easy access to a power outlet or use an extension cord. The presence of the power cord can be a nuisance, so it should be handled sensitively to avoid incidents.

The cordless grinder

The cable-less grinder is very handy and extremely mobile. However, the battery life of the unit is limited. This tool requires that you always think ahead. A spare battery should be included in your belongings if you don't want to take a break while working.


Corded and cordless grinders are not the same in performance, let alone efficiency and ergonomics. So, if you are looking for performance above all, a corded model is more appropriate. However, if you want to focus on comfort, choose a cordless grinder.

5 good reasons to use a grinder

For everyday work
The grinder is a versatile piece of equipment that allows you to do almost anything in your home or on your job site. No matter how big or small, this tool will help you to sand, polish, brush, cut, file or cut a surface out of a rigid material. But to do this, it is imperative that you use the right discs.

To save time in your work
If it is powerful enough, the disc cutter will allow you to work efficiently on all types of materials in a very short time. Whether you're a simple do-it-yourselfer or a professional, you'll always have a reason to get your disc harvester out of your toolbox.

To enjoy good maneuverability
The maneuverability of a grinder depends on its size, of course, but you can be sure of one thing: this tool is still relatively easy to use, regardless of its size and weight. On the most recent models, the grip is optimal. Even if you are a beginner, you will have no trouble understanding how the device works.

To save money
Because of the time it saves, the grinder is an investment that quickly pays for itself. Moreover, the machine itself is accessible to all budgets. However, that doesn't mean you should throw yourself at the low-cost models. To avoid buying a new one after a few weeks, always bet on quality.

To perfect the result of your work
Since it is powerful and versatile, the disc cutter can be used to perform all types of work on all types of materials. It will allow you to perfect your artistic creations or the work you have just done.

The best brands of discusers

In our opinion, the best brands of discusers in 2022 are :

Black & Decker

Although professionals were its first targets, Bosch quickly became a staple among homeowners. Today, the manufacturer shines for its product lines aimed at these two categories of users and which are recognizable by their colors.

Very popular with construction professionals around the world, Makita is best known for its electroportable equipment that offers no compromise in terms of quality. Powerful and reliable, Makita power saws are currently sold in more than 150 countries.

Ryobi is indeed a heavyweight in the power tool industry, but unlike its competition, this manufacturer has focused primarily on the consumer market. This explains why its equipment, and especially its discs, are offered at such an affordable price.

Dremel is an American brand that specializes in portable power tools for DIY. Its range of cordless grinders is one of the most renowned among hobbyists.

This manufacturer is especially known for the performance and robustness of its equipment. The discers offered by Black & Decker are easy to use and have a beautiful design. They are perfect for home and professional use.


Choose the right discs

The choice of disc depends on the work you plan to do. So, if you want to work on hard materials like concrete, a diamond disc is best. However, if you want to work on materials that are not very strong, steel discs are recommended.

Use a disc holder

With a good support, you give yourself more freedom in your movements. This accessory, the handle for example, will help you work a material from all angles for better results. Since the stand optimizes support, it's also an added bonus for your safety.

Protect yourself

It can't be repeated enough, the disc grinder is a potentially dangerous device despite being easy to use. To avoid injury, adjust the housing of the unit properly. Wearing a helmet, safety glasses and gloves is not at all superfluous. It's your safety at stake.

Maintain your disc

To maximize the life of this unit, maintain it regularly. Use mineral grease to lubricate the ball bearings, disc and drive shafts. Proper maintenance will keep the cutter in excellent working condition. If necessary, change the disc when it fails. For the coating, cleaning with an alcohol wipe is sufficient.

Store the disc well after use

Keep the unit free of dust and moisture when not in use. Ideally, reserve a specific location for it in your toolbox or on your wall.


What are the differences between a disc grinder and a grinder?

Make no mistake, there is absolutely no difference between a grinder and a disc grinder. The names depend on who is using them, but in general, both the discer and the grinder refer to a versatile device that can polish, surface, deburr, or cut very tough materials.

What are the rules to follow before using a disc grinder?

As a dangerous power tool, the discer should be used only after you have adequately protected yourself. To protect yourself from steel splinters, make it a habit to wear a helmet, mask, goggles, and noise-canceling headphones. On a job site, wearing protective footwear is also a must.

How to clean your disc grinder?

You must take meticulous care to clean your grinder. All the metal parts that make up the unit will need to be cleaned with mineral grease. As for the shell, a cleaning with a cloth should suffice. Note that a good cleaning will improve the longevity of your grinder.

What discs to choose for a disc grinder?

The discs are chosen according to the work to be done. For cutting, cut-off wheels with a thickness of 1 to 4 mm are just right. Nevertheless, you can skip this step and directly use diamond discs that are effective on hard materials. Steel discs should be reserved for soft materials.


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Einhell TE-AG 230
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Bosch GWS 7-125 Professional
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Black & Decker BCG720M1-QW
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Dremel Lite 7760


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