The best adjustable dumbbells in the UK 2023

Weight training rhymes with dumbbells, a basic piece of equipment that has not yet lost its popularity. Its adjustable version, more economical and practical, is now available for home use. Do you want to build a real home gym, but don't know how to choose between manual and automatic adjustable dumbbells? Don't worry, we've done the research for you!

Proiron PRKCAS20K

Editor's Choice

Proiron PRKCAS20K

Best adjustable dumbbell in 2021

Want to build muscles worthy of the greatest bodybuilders? Equip yourself with this pair of adjustable cast iron dumbbells weighing 20 kg. It comes with a 20 cm long extension bar.

104 £ on Amazon

With the Proiron PRKCAS20K, you could perform a wide variety of strength training exercises with just one piece of equipment. How do you do it? It's easy, just adjust the weight of the dumbbells according to the exercise you want to do, the muscle area you want to work, or your ability. The equipment is delivered with 4 discs of 0,5 kg, 4 other discs of 1,25 kg and 4 last discs of 2,5 kg.

The change and the fixing of the discs are done in a simple and secure way thanks to collars with locks. It is also possible to connect the pair of short dumbbells to make a long dumbbell. A connecting bar is designed for this connection. This pair of adjustable dumbbells is made of high quality cast iron, which will not impact its price since it is offered at a very good price.

Panmax Y4

Best cheapest

Panmax Y4

Best entry-level adjustable dumbbell

Use the Panmax Y4 Dumbbells for your home strength and fitness training. These are adjustable dumbbells whose weight can be easily adjusted to suit your workout and level.

63,99 £ on Amazon

Lift between one and five kilos of weight per dumbbell with the Panmax Y4. An ingenious system allows you to change the load to your liking in minutes. Add or remove weight bars to find the ideal weight to match your strength and fitness workouts, as well as your strength and conditioning.

Beginners and experienced athletes alike will enjoy using the Panmax Y4. This pair of dumbbells has a rubber coating, which softens the contact with the palm while improving the grip. The chances of the dumbbells slipping out of your hands in the middle of an exercise are limited. The price is also a strong selling point for these cheap adjustable dumbbells.

Haltère réglable Ativafit

Best high end

Ativafit adjustable dumbbell

Best high-end adjustable dumbbell

Looking for the best adjustable dumbbells to train safely at home? Choose the Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell which boasts a modern design and superior quality.

288 £ on Amazon

One Ativafit adjustable dumbbell offers ten different load levels up to 25 kg. You won't need an expensive and cumbersome collection of dumbbells. One pair is all you need for the weight training and fitness exercises you do at home. Load selection takes just three seconds. A tray, which also serves as convenient storage, gives you the opportunity to adjust the weight easily, quickly and safely.

Ativafit adjustable dumbbells have a modern design with a stylish finish. It is suitable for both men and women. The quality is also there, as these are well-made dumbbells, capable of meeting the requirements of high-level athletes.


Excellent choice


Non-slip neoprene cover

In addition to its dynamic design, the Nice C NC-BARDUMBBELL-1111 has several great advantages. Its weight can be adjusted up to 15 kg and it comes with a practical connecting bar.

221 £ on Amazon

You'll get the widest variety of exercises to build your entire body with the Nice C NC-BARDUMBBELL-1111. It consists of two short dumbbells to work the arm muscles and the entire upper body. The pair transforms into a single long barbell thanks to the connecting bar. You could then perform squat type exercises to build lower body strength without changing equipment.

The neoprene coating is a great advantage for the Nice C NC-BARDUMBBELL-1111. It makes it easier to hold and more comfortable while adding a touch of originality to the design of the equipment. Of course, it will be possible to modify the load on each dumbbell thanks to the different plates delivered in the kit.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best adjustable dumbbell

Any specific needs?

Best adjustable dumbbell in 2021

Best entry-level adjustable dumbbell

Best high-end adjustable dumbbell

Non-slip neoprene cover

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Comparison table of the best adjustable dumbbells

Proiron PRKCAS20K
Panmax Y4
Haltère réglable Ativafit
Proiron PRKCAS20K
Panmax Y4
Ativafit adjustable dumbbell
Want to build muscles worthy of the greatest bodybuilders? Equip yourself with this pair of adjustable cast iron dumbbells weighing 20 kg. It comes with a 20 cm long extension bar.
Use the Panmax Y4 Dumbbells for your home strength and fitness training. These are adjustable dumbbells whose weight can be easily adjusted to suit your workout and level.
Looking for the best adjustable dumbbells to train safely at home? Choose the Ativafit Adjustable Dumbbell which boasts a modern design and superior quality.
In addition to its dynamic design, the Nice C NC-BARDUMBBELL-1111 has several great advantages. Its weight can be adjusted up to 15 kg and it comes with a practical connecting bar.
Maximum weight
20 kg
5 kg
25 kg
10 kg
Load setting
Manual with discs
Manual with weight bars
Manual with discs
Kit components
2 dumbbells, 4 x 0.5 kg discs, 4 x 1.25 kg discs and 4 x 2.5 kg discs, extension bar
2 dumbbells, 16 180 g weight bars
2 dumbbells, 10 weight packs, storage tray
2 dumbbells, 8 discs, 1 extension bar

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How to choose your adjustable dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbells are a must-have piece of equipment for weight training and fitness. With these simple weights, you can practice a multitude of exercises to build muscle and trim the different muscle areas of the body. Of course, you must also know how to choose these adjustable dumbbells to enjoy all these benefits. Here are the 5 fundamentals to consider to make the best choice.
choisir haltère réglable

#1 - The materials

Cast iron is the main material used in the manufacture of adjustable dumbbells. This solid metal allows to reach very high loads in reduced volumes. High-end adjustable dumbbells are mostly made of cast iron.

There are also dumbbells whose load is made of concrete or sand. These materials are contained in very strong plastic. The grip is comfortable thanks to the softer coating than steel. On the other hand, it is more difficult to reach high loads with this type of dumbbells unless you increase their volume considerably. The plastic can also break after violent shocks.

#2 - The bar

The bar is always made of steel. It must be strong enough to support the load of the dumbbells without ever bending. On some models, an extension bar connects two adjustable dumbbells to provide a long bar more suitable for exercises such as the seated biceps curl and squat. The bar should have grooves that make it easier to grip. Rubber or neoprene coverings are also great.

#3 - The mounting system

Screw, clamp ring or clip-on systems are the most common. These are manual systems that change the load of the dumbbell. You would have to put in some effort to change the load. You have to open the clip, the screws or the clamp, move the discs or the weight bars and close them again. The clip system is the least resistant. The other two systems are reliable and affordable.

More recently, automatic adjustment systems have appeared. The dumbbells come with a base. All you have to do is put them on it and choose the desired load. The adjustment is done automatically, without effort. This system is effective and reliable, but will be much more expensive.

#4 - The weight

The load on a short dumbbell does not exceed 30 kg. Beyond this limit, it is better to put the loads on a long dumbbell. Of course, much lower loads can be offered. Some models are limited to 5 kg, 15 kg or 20 kg. On an adjustable model, it is necessary to consider the increments of increase of the weight until reaching the maximum load. This will depend on the weight and the number of discs offered. The ideal level is 2.5 kg maximum per disc.

#5 - The footprint

The adjustable dumbbell has the advantage of being less bulky than fixed dumbbell kits. Even so, some models are still less imposing than others. When purchasing, be sure to check the total space occupied by the dumbbells and discs that come with it. The kit should also be easy to store so that it does not get scattered in your personal gym or in your rooms.

Some effective exercises with adjustable dumbbells

exercices haltère réglable

Adjustable dumbbells are part of the equipment with which you can practice exercises with free weights. Its use has many advantages. It is financially very accessible, easy to use and suitable for all needs. Dumbbells guarantee an improvement and strengthening of the physical conditions by soliciting the stabilizing annex muscles throughout the exercises.

To strengthen the arms with dumbbells, it is recommended to practice :

  • The seated concentrated curl
  • The hammer curl
  • The seated arm extension
  • The kick back

Dumbbells can be used to strengthen the shoulders through the following exercises:

  • Seated bench press
  • The front raise
  • The lateral raise

If you want to gain strength and muscle mass in the pectoral area, try the following exercises:

  • The extended butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Pullover

Practice the following exercises to gain muscle in the back:

  • The rowing or one arm pull
  • Bench press rowing
  • Inverted butterfly in a seated position

Although held in the hand, dumbbells also help develop the muscles of the lower body, especially the thighs and buttocks. The following exercises are suitable for strengthening the lower body:

  • Squat
  • The front lunge

The effectiveness of these exercises depends on several criteria. First and foremost, you need to find the ideal weight for your body. Consult your coach to find out the ideal weight to lift for each exercise. Next, you need to practice each movement properly. False movements reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and expose you to the risk of injury. Finally, it is essential to adapt the rhythm and regularity of the sessions according to your objectives (getting back into shape, losing weight, strengthening, gaining muscle mass...)

The different types of adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are differentiated by the load change system. The traditional concept requires manual adjustment. On the more recent models, the selection of the load on each dumbbell is done automatically.

Manual adjustable dumbbell

Haltère réglable manuel

As its name suggests, the manual adjustable dumbbell involves effort on the part of the user. To adjust the weight according to the exercises to be practiced, you must follow three steps. First of all, you must unscrew the fixing system. Then, add or remove the discs according to your needs. Finally, tighten the system to lock the discs so that they do not move.

The locking is done with screws, clips or clamping rings. Adjustment is very fast with clip-on systems. However, this system becomes less reliable over time. In any case, the manual adjustable dumbbell has for first asset its price. It is indeed of the most accessible and offers, according to the model, a broad range of loads.

Automatic adjustable dumbbell

Haltère réglable automatique

The automatic adjustable dumbbells appeared more recently on the market. The load changing system has a complex design. Yet it is very easy to handle. These dumbbells always come with a base. It accommodates the weights in storage. It also serves as a load selector. Place the dumbbells on the base, select the weight that suits your exercises and that's it.

This type of adjustable dumbbells is especially suitable for people whose exercises, during a single training session, require a regular change of load. It will no longer be necessary to load the discs manually. The time and comfort saving will be very important. Note however that to offer you a pair of automatic adjustable dumbbells, it will be necessary to envisage rather consequent expenditure.

Fixed or adjustable dumbbell?

Adjustable dumbbell

Also known as dumbbell, the adjustable dumbbell is very popular with weight training, bodybuilding and weightlifting enthusiasts. Its greatest advantage is the possibility of adapting the weight according to your needs. The same dumbbell can go from 0.5 kg to 25 kg. On some models, it is even possible to switch from a pair of short dumbbells to a long dumbbell by attaching a removable extension bar.

Because of its modularity in terms of size and load, the adjustable dumbbell is suitable for a very long list of strength and fitness exercises. The equipment also satisfies beginners while meeting the much more demanding needs of experienced athletes. In addition, the adjustable dumbbell is appreciated for its ease of storage and small footprint.

Fixed barbell

The fixed dumbbell is mainly used in the fitness industry. It is characterized by its constant weight which cannot be modified. It varies between 0.5 kg and 5 kg depending on the model. Manufacturers offer complete kits of fixed dumbbells with different weights. Whether it is equipped with rounded or hexagonal weights, this type of dumbbell is, in the vast majority of cases, equipped with a plastic or neoprene coating that increases the comfort of the grip.

You can perform many exercises with a fixed dumbbell. However, exercises that involve lifting very heavy loads will not be possible because its weight does not exceed 5 kg. Therefore, the fixed dumbbell is best used if you want to get used to the equipment, but much less for strength training exercises.


Choose adjustable dumbbells if you follow a weight training program that includes the use of weights over 5 kg. They will fit all your exercises and take up less space in your storage area. They are also less expensive than a set of fixed dumbbells.

Why buy an adjustable dumbbell?

pourquoi acheter haltère réglable

Easy weight adjustment

The possibility of adjusting the load remains the greatest asset of the adjustable dumbbell. Its weight can be modified according to the type of exercises to be practiced or according to your level. Better still, the adjustment of the load is done with great ease, especially on automatic adjustable dumbbells. All you have to do is find a model with the right weight for the exercises included in your fitness or weight training program.

Space saving

The adjustable dumbbell remains the best option if you have little storage space in your personal gym or in your home. It takes up much less space than an entire set of fixed dumbbells. Also, manufacturers have come up with clever storage systems that greatly reduce the volume of an adjustable dumbbell kit.

Excellent investment

The purchase of adjustable dumbbells is particularly interesting in terms of cost. You'll be buying a single model that can replace several pairs of fixed dumbbells. Of course, the initial purchase price may be high. However, you won't have to spend extra money on heavier weights as you progress in your training program.

Easy to transport

Because they are space-saving, adjustable dumbbells are fairly easy to transport. They don't take up much space in the trunk of your car. You could even keep them in your suitcase when you travel. This way, you can train in peace at the beach, in the park, but also during your vacations and stays away from home.

Adapted to all needs

Unlike fixed dumbbells that are used almost exclusively for fitness, the adjustable dumbbell is for versatility. In particular, bodybuilders use it to develop different muscle areas. High-level athletes, on the other hand, use adjustable dumbbells for training. Of course, this type of dumbbell can very well serve as basic equipment for beginners in bodybuilding and for fitness and fitness enthusiasts.

The best brands of adjustable dumbbells

In our opinion, the best brands of adjustable dumbbells in 2022 are :


The Proiron brand became known for its fitness accessories and equipment. In an effort to expand and diversify, the manufacturer became an expert in the field of bodybuilding equipment, including adjustable dumbbells that quickly won over professional and amateur athletes. Proiron's dumbbells are now among the best you can find on the market.

Panmax is a manufacturer of leisure and sports equipment and devices. In its catalog, you can find a wide variety of products ranging from backyard pools to fitness equipment like adjustable dumbbells. The brand puts forward an exceptional quality/price ratio on each of its items sold exclusively online on sites like Amazon.

Ativafit is the specialist in fitness and bodybuilding equipment and devices on the Internet. The brand makes available to athletes of all levels a whole range of equipment dedicated to the practice of sports in the gym. We find in its catalog high quality adjustable dumbbells that meet all needs.

Bowlfex is specialized in the design and manufacture of fitness and bodybuilding equipment. The brand's products are widely distributed in the UK through a network of online retailers. Bowflex emphasizes the competitive prices of its items whose quality nevertheless rivals that of dumbbells from other much better known brands.

Proform is a subsidiary of the iFIT Health & Fitness group. It specializes in the design of equipment dedicated to fitness and sports that one practices at home. Its list of products includes adjustable dumbbells that are remarkable for their manufacturing quality, but also for the introduction of innovative technologies in their design.

What is the price for an adjustable dumbbell

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

40 £ to 100 £
100 £ to 200 £
more than 200 £
Price range diagram


Define your goals well

Before choosing and purchasing your adjustable dumbbells, it is very important to define your goals. Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, tone your body or gain muscle mass? These goals will help define not only the weight of the dumbbells, but also the type of equipment that best suits the training program that will help you achieve your goals in the shortest time possible.

Choose the right weight for your dumbbells

Making the right choice of dumbbell weight is crucial. This factor contributes to the effectiveness of the exercises and limits the risks of fatigue or injury. The ideal load however varies from one exercise to another. That's the beauty of adjustable dumbbells. The same pair can display a variable weight that suits each of your strength or fitness exercises.

Familiarize yourself with the different exercises

Performing different strength and fitness exercises requires precision in position and movement. This precision requires familiarity. Take the time to get the hang of each exercise. To do this, start with light dumbbells that you can lift fairly easily. Gradually increase the load according to your ability and comfort.

Maintain your adjustable dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells, even those made of cast iron that look indestructible, need to be maintained. Steel bars are vulnerable to rust especially if you use magnesia to gain grip and improve the grip. The bar should be thoroughly cleaned with a nylon bristle brush after each use. Avoid storing the barbells in a damp place if you are not using them for a long time.

Use magnesium

Magnesium carbonate, commonly known as magnesia, is a white powder that dries out your hands. Using magnesia greatly improves the grip of dumbbells. Use it especially when you lift fairly large loads. You will then keep control of the dumbbells and avoid any risk of accident during your training. Remember to clean the bars after contact with the magnesia, which draws in moisture and exposes the cast iron or steel to rust.


What weight to start building muscle?

The weight of the dumbbells varies according to gender, but also the exercises to be performed. Adjustable dumbbells from 2 kg to 5 kg are suitable for women who are new to weight training. A minimum load of 5 kg is suitable for male novices. This can go up to 10 kg or even more for athletes who have more experience in the discipline.

What adjustable dumbbell weight for biceps?

The work of the biceps requires relatively large loads. As an example, biceps pull-ups involve the use of 15 kg dumbbells. Again, the ideal weight varies depending on the type of exercise, but also on your level. If you're just starting out, avoid lifting too much weight in your first few sessions to limit the risk of accidents or injuries.

How to build muscle fast with adjustable dumbbells?

Although basic, thedumbbell is a very useful and effective piece of equipment. It helps to solicit many muscles and muscular areas of the body quite easily to see a quick gain in volume. However, the secret is not only in the dumbbells. The results depend mostly on the exercises chosen, the way they are practiced and, of course, your motivation.

How to train to gain muscle?

Gainingmuscle involves following a precise weight training program. This one is not chosen at random. It takes into account your physical conditions and your goals. It will then be necessary to choose the exercises and the equipment adapted to the implementation of the program. Don't forget to stay motivated and to follow a diet whose nutrient intake meets the needs of your body and your muscles.


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Proiron PRKCAS20K
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