The best adapters for induction plates in the UK 2023

Beyond its countless advantages, especially in terms of energy savings and performance, induction has one major drawback: its incompatibility with non-magnetic cookware. To solve this problem, we suggest you discover the best induction cooktop adapters, accessories that make induction less capricious.

Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm 1

Editor's Choice

Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm

The best induction plate adapter available today

With a diameter of 22 cm, this induction plate adapter is compatible with all cookware, including glass and copper.

22,32 £ on Amazon

The Frabosk brand offers this adapter for induction plates, named Diffusore to recall the uniform distribution of heat over its entire stainless steel surface. This uniformity is enough to compensate for the heating time which, according to user feedback, is longer than its aluminum counterparts. Nevertheless, rust resistance is guaranteed, even with prolonged exposure to high temperature and humidity.

For this induction cooker adapter, the brand has opted for a removable handle. This must be detached from the disk when you turn on the fireplace. This accessory has the merit of not getting in the way during cooking, especially if you have other preparations on the fire. As far as compatibility is concerned, this heat diffuser can accommodate everything from a pretty vintage copper pot to a lightweight aluminum Dutch oven.

Bialetti - Induction plate 2

Best value

Bialetti - Induction plate

The best cheap induction plate adapter

In the category of adapters for entry-level induction cookers, this plate by Bialetti is attractive because of its high thickness steel disk.

10,39 £ on Amazon

The positive feedback on this inexpensive induction cooker adapter speaks for itself: users recognize the sturdiness and durability of this accessory, which is made of high-grade steel. Due to the magnetism of this material, the heat is transmitted very quickly and the cooking time remains essentially unchanged. Despite this, this accessory weighs only 330 g and does not scratch the induction plate.

In terms of compatibility, this induction hob adapter is primarily designed for coffee makers (from the smallest to those that can hold 6 cups of hot beverage) and small pans. For ease of use and handling, Bialetti has chosen a handle with an insulating coating and a non-slip finish. The handle also has a hole that fits most hanging hooks for easy storage of this adapter.

Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate 3

Best premium

Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate

The best high-end induction plate adapter

Stainless steel lends its legendary strength to this rehomy induction cooktop adapter. With a diameter of 24 cm, it is compatible with all cookware.

32,79 £ on Amazon

This induction cooker adapter is designed with a mix of stainless steel and ceramic to ensure good heat conduction. On the other hand, the cooking time is prolonged because this accessory acts as a bridge between the hearth and the cooking utensils, this adapter promises a uniform diffusion of heat. This is why this heat diffuser plate can also be used on conventional gas and electric stoves.

This induction plate adapter comes with a removable handle that you can take off or not during cooking. However, remember to handle the accessory with care, especially if the disc is still hot or even burning. It should also be noted that this accessory is available with most materials used in the manufacture of cookware: stainless steel, ceramic, aluminum, copper, terracotta and even glass.

Rainbean - Heat Diffuser and Adapter Plate 4

With overheat protection

Rainbean - Heat Diffuser and Adapter Plate

A great induction plate adapter with overheat protection

On this induction plate adapter, a layer of aluminum wrapped by two layers of stainless steel guarantees a uniform and fast heat diffusion while avoiding overheating.

19,19 £ on Amazon

In addition to allowing the use of different types of cookware, regardless of the material, this adapter for induction hobs highlights its anti-superheating system. In fact, in the middle of an upper and lower layer of stainless steel, there is a layer of aluminum that guarantees a quick and uniform distribution of heat. This will prevent delicate preparations such as caramel or sauces from burning on certain parts of the pan.

The handle of this induction cooker adapter cannot be removed. You must, therefore, turn it to the outside of the firebox if you have other preparations on the fire. But don't worry, the handle is insulated and can be handled without gloves. Remember to dry your hands well to avoid slipping when handling it. Of course, this accessory is compatible with all electric and gas stoves.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best adapter for induction cooker

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The best induction plate adapter available today

The best cheap induction plate adapter

The best high-end induction plate adapter

A great induction plate adapter with overheat protection

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Comparison table of the best adapters for induction plates

Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm 5
Bialetti - Induction plate 6
Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate 7
Rainbean - Heat Diffuser and Adapter Plate 8
Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm
Bialetti - Induction plate
Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate
Rainbean - Heat Diffuser and Adapter Plate
With a diameter of 22 cm, this induction plate adapter is compatible with all cookware, including glass and copper.
In the category of adapters for entry-level induction cookers, this plate by Bialetti is attractive because of its high thickness steel disk.
Stainless steel lends its legendary strength to this rehomy induction cooktop adapter. With a diameter of 24 cm, it is compatible with all cookware.
On this induction plate adapter, a layer of aluminum wrapped by two layers of stainless steel guarantees a uniform and fast heat diffusion while avoiding overheating.
22 cm
13 cm
24 cm
23 cm
Stainless steel
Stainless steel and ceramic
Stainless steel and aluminum
Fixed - non-slip - insulating
Fixed - insulated
Any type of cookware
Cafe and small saucepan
All types of cookware
All types of cookware
599 g
330 g
715 g
520 g

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How to choose your adapter for induction cooker

If your budget does not allow you to change your cookware yet, it is better to invest in a good induction cooktop adapter. To do so, we advise you to observe these few criteria.

#1 - The dimensions

Generally, induction cookers have several cooking hobs of varying diameter and shape. In this sense, you should choose an adapter for induction hobs that is compatible with the size of the hearths to ensure that the heat is distributed evenly over the accessory. In this way, you will avoid the inconvenience of a preparation that cooks on only one side.

In the same logic, you should know that the adapter for induction hobs must be compatible with the diameter of your cooking appliances. If it is acceptable for the adapter to be larger than the pan, the wok or the frying pan, the opposite is strongly discouraged so as not to damage the accessory and the hob itself.

#2 - The material

You should already know that the induction hob adapter is not a long-term solution: it should only be used occasionally and the time to change the cookware so as not to damage the hobs. However, this is not a reason to choose a model that will not last over time.

We can only recommend stainless steel induction plate adapters, as they are robust, guarantee an even distribution of heat and do not yellow under prolonged exposure to heat. However, alloy steel or aluminum are cheaper alternatives, but this requires more maintenance.

#3 - The handle

Induction plate adapters always have a handle for easy grip and handling. For safety reasons, it's best to choose a model with an insulated handle to avoid any risk of burns. Some manufacturers even offer removable, swivel and non-slip handles, as this makes it easier and safer to use.

Although it is obvious, we would like to remind you that the use of kitchen gloves is necessary when the handle of the induction cooker adapters is not insulating. Also, avoid lifting the adapter and the cookware with the handle of the accessory. At the end of cooking, turn off the hob, remove the cookware, and then the adapter.

#4 - The effects on the plate

The reason the induction hob adapter is limited to occasional use is because it could scratch the hobs over time. That's why you need to pay close attention to the effects of the adapter on the hob. With some manufacturers, the coating has been designed to minimize damage as much as possible. This includes reducing the weight of the accessory or choosing a perfectly smooth plate with rounded edges.

#5 - The design

And of course, how can you not think about the design when choosing an accessory that will go with the already modern and elegant induction plate? Of course, the adapter goes under the cooking utensil, but nothing prevents you from choosing a model with a nice handle so as not to clash with the household appliances and cookware. In addition, by investing in an attractive design, you won't have to store the induction cooker adapter in a place where it won't be seen.

Everything you need to know about the induction cooker adapter

It is used when the pot, pan or saucepan is not compatible with induction. Of course, we know that it is not a definitive solution and we know that its dimensions must be in line with those of the hobs and cooking utensils. What is the induction cooktop adapter really?

What is an induction cooktop adapter?

An induction hob adapter is an accessory that ensures heat conduction between the hob and the cooking utensil, regardless of the material of the latter. Indeed, induction works thanks to a magnetic phenomenon; +/you need utensils that catch the magnet. This is not the case with some stainless steel, copper, terracotta, marbled finish, etc.

The induction hob adapter which is a magnetic equipment thus ensures heat transfer between the hob and the cookware, regardless of the material it is designed with.

How to use an induction cooker

Just place the induction plate adapter between the hotplate and the cookware. A handle or grip helps you easily handle this accessory. Note that if the handle is not insulated, you should use oven mitts to avoid any risk of burns.

The advantages and disadvantages of induction cooktop adapters

When it comes to advantages, the induction cooktop adapter allows you to enjoy the fireplaces even if your cookware is not induction compatible. Plus, it's an easy-to-use piece of equipment that's fairly affordable.

However, the induction plate adapter slows down the cooking process, as the heat passes through it first before reaching the utensil. Also, over the long term, it is very likely to scratch the plate and alter its magnetism.

The different types of adapters for induction plates

All induction cooktop adapters consist of a base (usually in the form of a disc) and a handle that may or may not be removable. However, some are designed for all cookware while others are reserved for coffee makers.

Versatile induction plate adapter

The versatile induction cooktop adapter fits all cookware: pot, pan, wok, coffee pot, etc. The only thing you need to make sure is that the diameter of the utensil is not larger than the diameter of the adapter. Generally, this type of accessory is similar to a disc, but this does not prevent some manufacturers from being creative and daring to create more original shapes.

When investing in a versatile induction cooker adapter, look for a model that is compatible with all materials. It would be a shame to buy this accessory and not be able to use it with your terracotta pot, your marble skillet or your stainless steel pan.

Induction plate adapter for coffee maker

Some induction cooktop adapters are reserved for coffee makers and, incidentally, for stoves. To recognize them, nothing could be easier: a diameter of less than 15 cm and a handle raised above the base. In some cases, these accessories can be adapted to small stainless steel pans, but it is necessary to ensure that the contents of the utensil are not too heavy.

It is worth noting that induction cooker adapters for coffee makers very rarely have removable handles. However, you just need to point them outwards so that they don't get in the way if you have other preparations on the stove.

Choosing an adapter for an induction plate or opting for a ceramic glass plate?

Certainly, induction cookers have many advantages, both in terms of energy consumption and performance. However, unlike a ceramic hob which is compatible with all cookware, induction is not compatible with all materials. So should you choose an adapter for an induction hob or radically cut your appliance against glass-ceramic hobs?

Adapter for induction cooker

An induction adapter is a metal accessory that is placed between the cooker and the cookware if the latter is not induction compatible. It is usually made of steel (alloy or stainless steel) and its diameter must be compatible with that of the hob and the cookware.

It is important to note that the induction cooktop adapter is not a permanent solution. You can only use it until you can buy new cookware or only with utensils that are incompatible with induction and used occasionally. Indeed, the adapter may alter the operation of the plate in the long term.

Ceramic hob

The main competitor of the induction cooktop, the glass-ceramic cooktop seduces users by the fact that it is compatible with all materials used in the design of cookware. In other words, you won't have to use any adapters and you don't need to buy new cookware.

However, the glass-ceramic hob is very energy-intensive and therefore has a high consumption. Apart from this drawback, however, it is still a great cooking solution as its heating speed, its ability to simmer for a long time and its refined design do not disappoint.


At a time when we are trying to reduce energy consumption for the good of the planet and the wallet, induction remains the best choice. However, this implies the purchase of new batteries that are compatible with your home and/or the occasional use of an induction plate adapter.

Why buy a good induction cooker adapter?

Although the usefulness of an adapter for an induction cooker is no longer in doubt, the following paragraphs remind us of the importance of this accessory, which sweeps away the major drawback of induction.

To make full use of the induction cooker

In our kitchens, we have different cooking utensils designed with different types of material. Because not all of them are magnetic, the induction plate adapter allows us to use them even if they don't catch the magnet. In other words, you can use your old copper pot or your clay pot on your induction cooker without getting an error message.

To save time until the purchase of cookware

As we keep reminding you, the induction cooktop adapter is considered a temporary solution. Nevertheless, it can be used until you have a good budget to invest in a new cookware. In the meantime, remember to align the diameter of your cookware, the adapter and the hotplate to ensure even heat distribution and even cooking.

To use occasional cookware that is not induction compatible

You already have an induction-compatible cookware set, but from time to time you like to use the stainless steel coffee pot you were given. In this case, you don't have to resort to gas or traditional electric stoves that are notoriously energy-hungry. All you have to do is put the induction plate adapter on the stove before putting the coffee maker on it. It may take longer to prepare, but it's worth it.

To ensure good heat distribution

Thanks to its flat surface, the induction plate adapter distributes the heat evenly. This is particularly noticeable in the higher-end models where an aluminum foil is bordered by stainless steel top and bottom layers. This is why it is recommended to choose an adapter that is compatible with the diameter of the utensils, so that the cooking will remain even.

For ease of handling

The adapter for induction hobs is very easy to use: just place it directly on the hob and then put the cooking utensil on it. In addition, it has a handle for easy handling. This one can be removable or not, with an insulating aspect or not, anti-skid or not. Of course, it is not advisable to lift your preparation with the induction plate adapter: first remove the cooking utensil, then the adapter.

The best brands of adapters for induction plates

In our opinion, the best brands of adapters for induction plates in 2022 are :

Rosenstein & Söhne

The Rosenstein & Söhne brand is a well-known player in the kitchen world. Synonymous with reliability, it is a brand that always appeals to users; moreover, its induction cooktop adapters don't stay on the market for long.

Rehomy is a jack-of-all-trades brand that designs and sells generalist products that can be used on a daily basis. It's no surprise that it offers a few models of induction cooktop adapters that are practically unanimous among consumers.

Frabosk's success and reputation lie in its induction cooktop adapters and cookware. Basically, it is a brand that specializes in this accessory that is so useful when you don't want to change your cookware.

Raibean is more focused on electronic and technological products. And the brand does not fail to play on the combinations to create adapters for induction hobs that are better than those of other manufacturers.

Bialetti is an Italian house that works exclusively in the design of small appliances. If you want to find cheap induction cooker adapters, Bialetti is the place to turn to.

What is the price for an adapter for induction cooker

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

10 £ to 20 £
20 £ to 30 £
more than 30 £
Price range diagram


Buy induction plate adapters with different diameters.

Because the size of the utensils that make up a set varies, you must have a series of adapters for induction plates with different diameters. In fact, the diameter of the pot/pan/pan should not be larger than the diameter of the adapter to ensure even cooking and to avoid damaging either the accessory or the plate itself.

Prefer induction plate adapters with an insulated, non-slip handle.

Because the induction plate adapter comes into direct contact with the hearth, it must be handled with care. Hence the need to invest in a model with an insulating, non-slip handle. This way, the handle stays cool, it's not slippery and you don't have to use oven gloves. Plus, there's little risk of the accessory falling out of your hands.

Prefer stainless steel induction plate adapters.

When made with stainless steel, induction plate adapters have better staying power. Even under prolonged exposure to the intense heat of the hearths and humidity, the surface will not yellow and the accessory will remain easy to clean and maintain.

Increase cooking power when using an induction plate adapter.

Because the induction cooktop adapter acts as a spacer between the hearth and the cooking utensil, the heat will take longer to reach the preparation. In this case, you'll need to increase the temperature and power of the hotplate slightly to keep the same cooking time; unless patience is your main strength.

Let the induction plate adapter cool before cleaning.

After each use, wait for the induction cooktop adapter to cool completely before cleaning it. If you have a model with a removable handle, detach it before cleaning the surface of the adapter with hot water and dishwashing liquid. You can also do the same with the handle. Make sure the adapter is completely dry before using it again.


How to know if a pan is suitable for induction ?

Because induction works through a magnetic phenomenon, all you have to do is pass the magnet test on the pan. If the pan catches the magnet, it means that it is compatible with your cooktop. If it doesn't, you need to use an induction plate adapter that matches the diameter of your cookware.

How to use copper on induction ?

Copper is one of the metal alloys that are not magnetic, which is why it is not compatible with induction. This is where the induction plate adapter comes in, which is placed directly on the cooktop to ensure heat conduction to the copper utensil. Still, it should be noted that the adapter can only be considered as a temporary and/or occasional solution.

How to choose an induction adapter ?

To choose an induction hob adapter, you need to take into account certain criteria including the dimensions, including the diameter which must be compatible with that of the cookware, the material, the characteristics of the handle, the shape of the adapter and also the design. Note that there are versatile adapters and others that are cut for coffee makers and/or stoves.

How to cook on an induction plate?

To cook on an induction cooktop, nothing could be simpler. You turn on the appliance with the cookware right on top of each hotplate. If the cookware is not induction compatible, you must use an adapter to place directly on the hob. Note that there are two types of adapters for induction hobs: the multi-purpose ones and those designed for coffee makers.


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Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm 9
Frabosk Diffusore - Diffuser for induction 22 cm
Bialetti - Induction plate 10
Bialetti - Induction plate
Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate 11
Rehomy - Heat diffuser plate
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Rainbean - Heat Diffuser and Adapter Plate


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