The best 6-wheel racing carts in the UK 2023

Shopping can quickly become a chore especially if there are multiple items in your bags. A 6 wheel shopping cart is the solution. No more shopping bags and the 6 wheels will allow you to get over any obstacles like stairs. The 6 wheel shopping cart comes in different models, choosing the best one is not easy. Here is a comparison guide with the best 6-wheel shopping carts.

Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart 1

Editor's Choice

Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart

The best 6-wheel racing cart in 2021

Stylish and durable, this Vounot 6-wheeler shopping cart is a big hit with its many features. In addition to acting as an isothermal caddy, it also acts as a hand truck and pannier.

36,79 £ on Amazon

This 3-in-1 caddy with 6 wheels was designed to make your daily or weekly shopping easier. With its 40 L storage bag, you can carry up to 30 kg of products in one go. Note that this shopping cart also includes an isothermal pocket that will keep frozen food cool until you get home.

If you want to use it as a hand truck, you just have to unhook its insulated bag, which can be used as a delivery backpack thanks to a shoulder strap. However, the real asset of this product lies in its wheels which are not afraid of bumps, crevices and even less of high sidewalks. A true all-terrain vehicle, this shopping cart can overcome any obstacle with ease. This feature is sure to please everyone, especially seniors.

Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart 2

Best cheap

Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart

The best entry-level 6-wheel racing cart

With its sober look, this 6-wheeled shopping cart is very practical for shopping. With a very generous 50 L capacity, its shopping bag will allow you to bring home the food products you need for the week.

31,99 £ on Amazon

Although it is particularly cheap, this Amazon Basics shopping cart is reliable and durable. It is made of only quality materials. While its frame is made with stainless steel, its bag is sewn from a waterproof and sturdy polyester microfiber fabric. It can easily support up to 45 kg of running. Also very strong, its wheels can be easily clipped and unclipped from their support to optimize space saving during storage.

Of course, the bag of this shopping cart is removable. Once unhooked, its support can be used as a hand truck to carry boxes. This feature would have been perfect if it wasn't for the absence of the insulated compartment. It's not great for carrying frozen food, but it's perfect for your other errands.

Meister 6816810 3

Best high-end

Meister 6816810

The best high-end 6-wheel racing cart

This 6-wheeled shopping cart stands out for its clever design. In order to meet consumer expectations for reliability and durability, this shopping cart was made of lightweight, yet premium materials.

47,78 £ on Amazon

The Meister is pure practicality. With its 54 L tote bag, you can carry about 20 kg of groceries in one go, which is more than reasonable. It also has a 5L insulated compartment on the front for frozen food, a side umbrella holder and a holder that allows you to hang it on shopping carts. For better safety, this model has four reflective strips that will allow you to be seen in the dark.

Note that this caddy is convertible into a hand truck. To do so, you just have to remove the shopping bag. As this accessory is foldable, it easily finds its place in a closet or the trunk of a car. If you need it, just take it out and unfold it, it's only a matter of seconds.

Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart 4

Best shopping cart to get your groceries

Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart

The best multi-purpose 6-wheel racing cart

Its design may be basic, but this 6-wheeled shopping cart will be a great help when you go out shopping. With its large 75 L bag, take up to 50 kg of groceries home.

48,79 £ on Amazon

This shopping cart is one of the most resistant on the market. This equipment owes its formidable robustness to its frame which is made with stainless steel. This allows it to support a maximum load of 50 kg, the equivalent of a week's worth of groceries. Don't worry, you won't have to worry about bringing such a volume of products home because of the maneuverability of this caddy. Moreover, its wheels swallow all the obstacles in front of them without a hitch.

Nowhere does it say that this cart is isothermal, but it has been specifically designed to keep fresh and frozen food fresh. Need a hand truck to carry heavy boxes? Just unhook the bag. As an added bonus, this 2-in-1 caddy comes with a handy strap for tying boxes together.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best 6-wheel racing cart

Any specific needs?

The best 6-wheel racing cart in 2021

The best entry-level 6-wheel racing cart

The best high-end 6-wheel racing cart

The best multi-purpose 6-wheel racing cart

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Comparison table of the best 6-wheel racing carts

Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart 5
Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart 6
Meister 6816810 7
Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart 8
Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart
Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart
Meister 6816810
Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart
Stylish and durable, this Vounot 6-wheeler shopping cart is a big hit with its many features. In addition to acting as an isothermal caddy, it also acts as a hand truck and pannier.
With its sober look, this 6-wheeled shopping cart is very practical for shopping. With a very generous 50 L capacity, its shopping bag will allow you to bring home the food products you need for the week.
This 6-wheeled shopping cart stands out for its clever design. In order to meet consumer expectations for reliability and durability, this shopping cart was made of lightweight, yet premium materials.
Its design may be basic, but this 6-wheeled shopping cart will be a great help when you go out shopping. With its large 75 L bag, take up to 50 kg of groceries home.
Frame material
Stainless steel
Stainless steel and plastic
Tote material
Polyester Oxford
Microfiber polyester
Fabric, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Microfiber polyester, cotton, waterproof coating
103 x 39 x 22 cm
88,9 x 32 x 35,5 cm
108 x 47 x 46 cm
55 x 35 x 16 cm
3 kg
2,8 kg
2.5 kg
About 3.5 kg
Limit of weight supported by the bag
30 kg
45 KG
20 kg
45 kg

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Buying guide - 6-wheel racing cart

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How to choose your 6-wheel racing cart

To make a successful purchase, here are the 5 criteria you should consider:

#1 - The weight

The weight factor is an important criterion to take into account, especially if the cart is intended for a senior citizen or a PRM. People who are concerned about their independence should choose a model that does not exceed 3 kilos. The same is true if you have to take stairs or pass many obstacles before arriving at your home.

Note that the weight of the caddy depends largely on the material of its chassis. Although it is light and economical, plastic is not very strong. As for steel, it is very strong, but very heavy. Aluminum is the best compromise because it is both strong and light.

#2 - The material of the tote

The basket is the most important part of the cart. Ideally, the basket should be thick and waterproof. Otherwise, it will only last you a short time. Seeing the canvas of the tote rip while you're not even at home yet is the worst scenario that can happen when you're shopping.

We recommend that you opt for polyester, which is a lightweight and durable material. Cloth is also an alternative, but it is not very waterproof and is difficult to clean. Regardless, as long as the basket's seams are lined, it should allow you to carry a significant volume of groceries.

#3 - The volume of the cart

The volume of the tote can range from single to double depending on the manufacturer. When it comes to capacity, you need to consider your consumption habits. If you buy a lot of products at once or if you are a large family, opt for a 50L cart. On the other hand, if you shop several times a week, a 30 L model is sufficient.

However, keep in mind that the capacity affects the practicality of the equipment. Therefore, look for a cart that is not so large that it becomes an extra weight.

#4 - The size and practicality of the cart

When you're not using your cart, you're going to have to store it somewhere in your home. To keep the footprint to a minimum, choose a model that folds and unfolds easily. That way, you'll have no trouble finding a place for it in a closet, and it'll be discreet in the trunk of your car.

Also pay attention to the length of the handle. It must be perfectly adapted to your morphology. If the handle is too low, you will have to bend your back to reach it. Conversely, a handle that is too high will make it difficult to handle the cart. So it would be best if you found a caddy with a handle that is adjustable in height.

#5 - The accessories

Some caddys come with interesting accessories. Straps are very handy for attaching large water bottles for example. If extra storage pockets are added to the tote, it's even better. More space means more shopping to take home.

If the cart is intended for a senior citizen, it is imperative that it be equipped with brakes or some other stabilization system. If necessary, the elderly can lean on it like a walker. This will limit the risk of falls.

How to maintain your 6-wheel shopping cart?

To give it a chance to last, the 6-wheel shopping cart will need regular maintenance. Don't worry, this sequence of operations is not complicated.


The step before cleaning may seem trivial, but it's no less important. Start by inspecting the bag. Check the interior and pockets for anything that might be left behind, such as receipts or wrappers. When you are sure that the basket is completely empty, you can detach it from its frame.

You guessed it! The basket and its frame do not have to be cleaned together. This takes more time, but it is essential for a really good wash.

Cleaning the tote bag

Washing a tote bag depends on the material it is made of. If it is made of polyester or a similar material, simply wash it with soapy water and air dry. To remove stubborn stains, use hot water. Of course, you can put the basket in the washing machine if the manufacturer allows it.

If the basket is made of a delicate fabric, use a damp sponge to remove the stains. This method is more time consuming, but it will preserve the integrity of the material.

Cleaning the frame

The frame is the easiest to maintain. To do this, wash it with soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can use hot water and an environmentally friendly degreaser. This will restore the cart to its original shine and kill any germs embedded in the wheels.

When you get home from shopping, you should always spray a bactericide or bleach on the frame and wheels of your cart. It's safer, but more importantly, it's responsible.

A little anecdote about the shopping cart!

Shopping carts have been around since the first half of the 20th century. In fact, it would be in 1936 that the very first shopping cart was invented. Although at that time the accessory was only two soft baskets mounted on a wheeled frame, it allowed consumers to carry more groceries. Other stores soon copied this idea and eventually developed the metal built-in shopping carts.

The different types of 6-wheel racing carts

You will find three types of 6-wheel shopping carts in stores.

The 6-wheeled shopping cart with canvas tote only

This shopping cart is quite classic. Its shopping cart is made of waterproof polyester or thick fabric. As such, this cart can only be used to carry simple products such as vegetables, fruits, canned goods and bottles.

Of course, you can put frozen meat and seafood in the canvas tote, but expect them to lose some of their freshness along the way, especially in scorching heat. On the other hand, to prevent the moisture from frozen food from damaging the cardboard packaging of your other purchases, you should place them in the bottom of the basket.

The 6-wheeled shopping cart with insulated bag

This shopping cart offers the ultimate in practicality no matter the season. The insulated shopping cart is easily recognized by its aluminum-lined interior that keeps the temperature at a comfortable level for a long time. It is ideal for carrying frozen food from the store to the house.

As the cold chain is maintained, the frozen food keeps its healthiness, but especially its taste qualities. In addition, the insulated bag can be used like an ordinary bag. Its only drawback: it will need more than regular maintenance.

The 6-wheeled shopping cart with built-in seat

This category of shopping cart is ideal for seniors and for people who have problems with autonomy. If the line drags on, hop, just deploy the seat to take a break. But be careful! You must activate the brake before sitting down.

For safety reasons, never use the integrated seat in public transport. You could tip over as soon as the bus or train stops or swerves.

6-wheel shopping cart or rolling basket?

6-wheel shopping cart

The 6-wheel shopping cart is very practical for shopping. The special arrangement of the wheels makes it easier to get over obstacles, such as stairs. Indeed, the 6-wheeled shopping cart is a real all-rounder.

As it is foldable, it can be easily stored in a closet. The many features of this cart make it an accessory that you can't do without on a daily basis.

Basket with wheels

The wheeled basket is designed in the same way as a shopping cart, but the basket is often made of wicker. In terms of design, the wheeled basket is more interesting, especially since it is environmentally friendly. On the other hand, it is somewhat disadvantaged in terms of practicality and comfort of use.

There are only models with two wheels and wicker is not a reference in terms of waterproofing. Worse still, the basket capacity is limited.


The wheeled basket is the best compromise for daily use. The volume offered is largely sufficient for small errands. On the other hand, we recommend the cart for large weekly groceries. Here, everything is a matter of habit.

5 good reasons to invest in a 6-wheel shopping cart

1. To reduce the use of plastic bags

The personal shopping cart is both practical and environmentally friendly. It is an excellent way to reduce the use of plastic bags and packaging that are difficult to recycle in supermarkets. Buying a 6-wheeled shopping cart is therefore a responsible gesture towards the planet. Moreover, others will take example on you, by seeing you pulling or pushing your super cart.

2. To relieve your mobility problems

The 6-wheeled shopping cart will help you avoid juggling bags and a cane or walker. This device will help you carry everything at once, without getting tired. And if you feel the need to take a break, just pull out the built-in seat if the caddy has it.

3. Carry your groceries in one go

Personal shopping carts are larger than the bags offered in convenience stores. They will allow you to carry your groceries to the parking lot or home in one go, if you don't live too far away of course. Not carrying bags full of groceries at arm's length is a comfort you should not do without.

4. To allow seniors to do their shopping

The shopping cart is a great asset for seniors who want to take care of their daily or weekly shopping. Getting out for a few hours and talking to their shopping friends will do them a world of good.

5. It is very easy to store

Plastic bags and even eco-friendly baskets are hard to store if you have several. You won't have this problem with the shopping cart, because after folding it, all you have to do is store it in a closet or the trunk of your car.

The best brands of 6-wheel racing carts

In our opinion, the best brands of 6-wheel racing carts in 2022 are :

Amazon Basics

Founded in the UK about 15 years ago, Vounot has made it its mission to offer consumers home and garden items at the best value. Not only does Vounot offer quality products, but it provides fast shipping within 24 H.

Amazon Basics is known for the excellent quality of the products it offers for sale on its own marketplace. With its huge selection of useful everyday products, this brand is sure to make your life easier.

Gimi is an Italian company with a forty-year experience in supermarket caddys and personal shopping carts. Its product line is best known for its modern design, but also for its maneuverability.

Rubberneck is a prime example of a company that really does dabble in everything. From ready-to-wear, to baskets, to bike trailer covers and shopping carts, this German brand is on all fronts.

After delighting consumers with its hand tools and power tools, Meister has moved on to designing fairly classic products like shopping carts, which are actually a huge success right now.

What is the price for a 6-wheel racing cart

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

35 £ to 45 £
45 £ to 65 £
more than 65 £
Price range diagram


Never exceed the allowable load

The 6-wheeled shopping cart may be of excellent quality, but it will quickly get damaged if you carry more than the load it supports. The pressure of the extra weight can wear out the seams. So, try to respect the allowed load.

Use the proper cleaning product for cleaning

Never use bleach to clean your 6-wheeled shopping cart. The cleaning power of this product will quickly fade the color of the caddy. To keep the color as long as possible, use an environmentally friendly cleaning product that is easily found in stores instead.

Store your groceries in an organized manner

The groceries should be arranged in order of weight in the cart. At the very bottom, place heavy items like bottles. Then move to the vegetables. Eggs and fruit should be placed at the top.

Don't forget the insulated compartment

The insulated compartment is very useful for frozen foods. This pocket is a great asset because it keeps meat and seafood fresh until you get home.

Practice maneuvering your cart

Learn to handle your shopping cart before you go shopping. This will prevent you from dropping it or tipping it over. If you have steps in your house, practice simulating going over any obstacles that might be in front of you.


Why a 6-wheeled shopping cart instead of a 4-wheeled shopping cart?

The 6-wheel shopping cart is more maneuverable and stable than a 4-wheel model. The arrangement of the wheels makes it easier for the caddy to pass all the obstacles in front of it. It can swallow several dozen steps without flinching. This device is very popular with people who live in the upper floors of a building.

What types of consumers is the 6-wheeled shopping cart designed for?

The 6-wheel shopping cart is a product that can be used by all consumer profiles. Children, adults, seniors and people with limited mobility can use it for their daily or weekly shopping. This category of caddy is designed to meet everyone's needs, especially since it can easily pass all obstacles with its many wheels.

Can I carry frozen food in my 6-wheeled shopping cart?

Yes, you can carry frozen food in your shopping cart, as long as it is insulated. This type of personal shopping cart is easily recognized by the aluminum lining that lines the inside of the shopping cart and by its closure. Be aware that polyester cannot keep products fresh, which may lose their taste.

How often should the 6-wheeled shopping cart be maintained?

The cart should be serviced as often as possible, once a month at least. Without maintenance, the canvas of the tote will quickly fade. Maintenance is by nomeans difficult. Start by removing the bag and washing it with soapy water. The frame can be washed in the same way, but it should be dried with a soft cloth to prevent the metal parts from rusting.


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Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart 9
Vounot 6-wheel 3-in-1 shopping cart
Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart 10
Amazon Basics 6-wheel shopping cart
Meister 6816810 11
Meister 6816810
Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart 12
Winkeep 2-in-1 shopping cart


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