The best 50cc scooters in the UK 2023

If you're one of those people who don't like taking the bus or being stuck in traffic, it's time to get on a two-wheeler. But which one to choose? The 50 cc scooter is a good compromise if you are a beginner. Sporty, electric, compact, vintage... there's something for everyone! Through this guide, we reveal the best models to help you choose your scooter.

Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5 1

Best value for money

Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5

The best 50cc scooter in 2021

Our favorite of the moment! The Kisbee is a compact scooter ideal for city driving. Approved Euro 5, this small Peugeot two-wheeler satisfies all needs while being elegant.

1 439 £ on Peugeot Motocycles

Ideal for urban commuting, Kisbee has decent power for weaving through traffic. The 4-stroke engine is forced air cooled. It's a spacious flat floor model with retractable footrests that you can drive with two people. It is even more economical than the previous version thanks to the Euro 5 standard.

This scooter is available in RS version for those who like the sporty look. Equipped with a hydraulic monoshock rear suspension and a low seat that is quite comfortable to ride, it offers an unparalleled user experience. When it comes to braking, you can rely on the 170mm front disc brake system for precise stopping.

Scooter A5 50cc Euro4 2

Best value for money

Scooter A5 50cc Euro4

The best entry-level 50cc scooter

This 50cc scooter seduces with its sleek design and its high precision analog meter! It offers a decent power and basic equipment well supplied for city trips.

1 039 £ on Cdiscount

This A5 scooter is one of the cheapest two-wheelers on the market! Approved for 2 seats and following the Euro4 standard, it is completely ecological and has a low consumption. With its maximum speed of 45 km/h, there is no need to rush, you will arrive on time to all your appointments. You can also use it for your small strolls to two or your virées between friends.

Developing a torque of 7500 rpm at 2.23 kW, this small scooter is very agile on flat roads. Despite the drum brake system at the rear and the disc brake system on the front wheel, it reacts well in turns thanks to its weight, allowing it to be maneuverable and ready for any eventuality.

Piaggio Typhoon 50 2T 3

Best value for money

Piaggio Typhoon 50 2T

The best high-end 50cc scooter

A stylish and easy-to-ride 50cc scooter! The Typhoon has a particularly attractive design and a compact size for young people looking for performance.

1 463 £ on Sanscoot

If you are looking for an easy-to-use scooter with good handling, the Typhoon 50cc is for you! Its 2-stroke, air-cooled engine performs well on urban and suburban routes. The low 765 mm seat, the telescopic front fork and the rear shock absorber ensure optimal comfort. Euro4 compliant, it is very economical and gives you a great riding feeling.

In terms of storage, this scooter from Piaggio offers a large enough trunk to store at least your helmet. If you like speed, the tires with wide rims offer perfect handling, both on tracks and on less smooth roads. You'll have no trouble riding around town and avoiding traffic jams with this sporty little guy.

Super Soco CU-X 4


Super Soco CU-X

The best 50cc electric scooter

Its vintage style and high-end equipment will surely seduce you! The CU-X from Super Soco is an all-electric scooter that is both light and powerful, ideal for city trips.

2 232 £ on Go2Roues
Buying guide • November 2023

Best 50cc scooter

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The best 50cc scooter in 2021

The best entry-level 50cc scooter

The best high-end 50cc scooter

The best 50cc electric scooter

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Comparison table of the best 50cc scooters

Top of the line Inexpensive Top of the line Excellent
Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5 5
Scooter A5 50cc Euro4 6
Piaggio Typhoon 50 2T 7
Super Soco CU-X 8
Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5
Scooter A5 50cc Euro4
Piaggio Typhoon 50 2T
Super Soco CU-X
Our favorite of the moment! The Kisbee is a compact scooter ideal for city driving. Approved Euro 5, this small Peugeot two-wheeler satisfies all needs while being elegant.
This 50cc scooter seduces with its sleek design and its high precision analog meter! It offers a decent power and basic equipment well supplied for city trips.
A stylish and easy-to-ride 50cc scooter! The Typhoon has a particularly attractive design and a compact size for young people looking for performance.
Its vintage style and high-end equipment will surely seduce you! The CU-X from Super Soco is an all-electric scooter that is both light and powerful, ideal for city trips.
4T single-cylinder air-cooled and electronically injected
2T single cylinder
2T air cooled, valve intake
Bosch Brushless 1600 W
2.6 kW at 7700 rpm
2.23 kW at 7500rpm
3 Kw (4.08 hp) at 6,500 rpm
1.6 kW (2.2 hp)
Front Disc / Rear Drum
Front Disc / Rear Drum
Front Disc / Rear Drum
A disc A/R
85 kg
85 kg
101 kg
70 kg
Cylinder capacity
49.9 cm3
50 cm3
49.4 cm 3
Equivalent 50 cm3

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Buying guide - 50cc scooter

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How to choose your 50cc scooter

Choosing a 50cc scooter depends on several criteria. If you're in a hurry to get your first two-wheeler, but can't decide which one is right for you, these few things will help you find the right model.

#1 - The morphology

The first criterion to take into account is of course your body type. Some people choose two-wheelers at random or according to their looks and do not care about this factor. However, the ergonomics depend essentially on this factor. If you're tall, choose scooters with a wide seat and an apron that offers enough room for you to be more comfortable. On the other hand, a compact scooter with a low seat is recommended if you have a small build.

#2 - The motorization

This type of scooter has a 50cc engine, of course, but each model has its own particularities. That's why it's useful to mention this criterion so that you can refine your choice. If you are looking for power and a decent range, choose a thermal scooter. It is more dynamic, but can be more energy consuming depending on the degree of acceleration. An electric scooter, on the other hand, has the advantage of being more economical, as it requires little maintenance. It is also a completely environmentally friendly vehicle. However, the cost is significantly higher.

#3 - The wheels

The rider's comfort depends mainly on the size of the wheels. You will feel all the discomfort that a bad road can cause if you choose 10 to 12 inch wheels. On the other hand, rims with larger wheels such as 16-inch wheels absorb bumps, speed bumps or potholes better. This is something you should never overlook, especially if you're used to riding two-up.

#4 - The design

The look matters a lot, as it contributes greatly to driver comfort. Are you more conservative and don't like flashy two-wheelers? Choose a compact, modern model or why not a retro scooter. Do you like scooters that catch the eye with their imposing lines and futuristic design? Go for a sporty 50cc scooter. The design material of the fairing is also very important. Plastic for lightness and sheet metal for strength.

#5 - The equipment

When we talk about equipment, we are referring to the basic accessories and not to those that are provided as options. If you use your scooter for all your travels, you'll need a trunk to put your personal belongings, a footrest when taking a passenger. Your top case should have enough room for you to ride comfortably. Make sure your scooter comes with all the standard equipment.

The Highway Code for a 50 cc scooter

The respect of the Highway Code in force is required for any vehicle circulating on the public road. This is also the case for a 50cc scooter which is required to follow the different road signs and markings. Therefore, you must follow a little training, especially if it is your very first two-wheeler

Here are the signs to remember to drive a scooter safely:

  • The B7a sign authorizes all mopeds to circulate and use the indicated lane
  • The B7b sign formally prohibits access to two-wheelers with an engine capacity of 50 cm3 or less.
  • The B9g sign authorizes all vehicles to pass, except mopeds of 50 cm3.
  • The C107 sign indicates that mopeds are not allowed on expressways and highways.

On the other hand, 50cc scooter riders can ride on national roads, but must follow the rules imposed in the locality. As with other two-wheelers, proper equipment such as helmets, gloves and specific clothing is required to ride a scooter. However, caution should always be exercised when riding your scooter.

Any two-wheeler that does not exceed a maximum speed of 45 km/h can be driven by an unlicensed rider. However, this depends on a few criteria such as obtaining a road safety certificate or BSR for people born after December 31, 1987. Penalties such as a fine or the immobilization of the scooter can be applied by the competent authorities in the absence of a BSR. On the other hand, anyone with a suspended or invalid license can drive a 50cc scooter as long as they comply with the regulations in force.

The different types of 50cc scooters

The 50cc scooter category includes many models and designs. Here are the three main types of 50cc scooters so that you can find the one that suits your needs.

The 50cc sport scooter

This category includes many models such as the urban ones, redesigned or not, as well as the super sport. Most of the time, it is equipped with a 2-stroke liquid-cooled engine, which allows to reach the speed limit easily. It has the particularity of being more nervous, whether on the road or on a standing start. As a sporty scooter, it emits a noise similar to that of a big bike, but also knows how to be discreet when needed. It is also a very stable scooter and offers unmatched comfort.

But despite the technologies embedded in the sportsman, the problem of bridle is constantly felt, especially when you ride two.

The 50cc neo-retro scooter

This type of scooter will delight fans of vintage vehicles, but is also very popular with the female gender. It stands out for its quirky look combined with the latest equipment usually found on modern scooters. This model is available in 2 stroke and 4 stroke. Apart from its looks, it is also very clever with its compact design and simplicity. Even with their clean lines, the models listed in this category are very sturdy and can perfectly accommodate a second passenger.

The main handicap of this type of scooter remains its lack of power. It reacts well on a flat track, but is particularly temperamental when going uphill.

The 50cc electric scooter

As its name suggests, the 50 cc electric scooter is equipped with an electric motorization. This type of two-wheeler is still not very popular among two-wheeler enthusiasts. However, it has many assets in its fairing. Beyond the fact that it is ecological, an electric scooter 50 cm3 requires little maintenance, unlike gasoline scooters. It is also a real pleasure to drive it because of its low noise level.

However, a 50 cc electric scooter does not have the same autonomy as a petrol scooter of the same capacity. Moreover, it would take several hours to recharge the battery to be able to ride for about ten kilometers. Basically, it is a scooter intended exclusively for urban use.

50 cc 2T or 4T scooter?

Scooter 50 cc 2T

Due to its light weight, a 50 cc 2T scooter offers decent power. You will have a faster acceleration to reach the right speed. It is a very light and easy to handle two-wheeler due to its simple design. Moreover, the parts for this type of scooter are very easy to find and are less expensive. Thus, you will have no trouble maintaining it and having it serviced periodically.

However, a 2T scooter consumes a lot of oil since it needs to be mixed with fuel to run. So you need to add oil regularly. It is also one of the most polluting vehicles because of the combustion of engine oil, gasoline and air. And of course, a 2T scooter uses a lot more fuel.

Scooter 50 cc 4T

A 50cc 4-stroke scooter has a more sophisticated motorization and with a cycle that operates in 4 strokes, as its name indicates. Oil and fuel are practically separated and the former is used only to lubricate the engine. The engine is stronger and has a longer life. It is very reliable and saves fuel. It is also a more environmentally friendly two-wheeler since it has lower greenhouse gas emissions.

But when it comes to torque, the 4T is less powerful and cruelly lacks responsiveness. Moreover, all the parts integrated in the engine make the vehicle heavier.


If this is your first experience, a 4T scooter is more suitable. Not only does it offer a comfortable ride, but it also has perfect handling. It is the ideal scooter for city traffic. On the other hand, if you use your scooter regularly and your route is very varied, you should opt for a 2T model. It is also the ideal scooter if you like speed.

Why buy a 50cc scooter

For ease of riding

You will have some reservations if this is your first time on a two-wheeler. However, it is a safe vehicle and extremely easy to drive. Moreover, having a motorcycle license to drive a 50cc scooter is not mandatory as long as your papers are in order. You can ride a scooter from the age of 14.

For its power

Being a basic scooter, the 50cc has a speed limit of 45km/h. So, you will have no difficulty to drive it and will have a total control of your pace. With its small displacement, it is a moped. It allows you to make short trips in the city and avoids many problems such as being flashed by the road safety devices.

To avoid taking public transport

Public transportation is not practical if you are in a hurry, especially during rush hour. It creates frustration and puts you in a bad mood on your way to your office. And of course, you should wait for its time to pass. You won't have this kind of problem with a 50cc scooter. In fact, it allows you to arrive on time to your usual occupation or appointment. It is always at your disposal

To get around traffic jams

You can perfectly pass between two cars thanks to a 50 cc scooter. No need to wait for the long line to move on, the compact size of your vehicle allows you to reach your destination quickly. It's certainly not the ideal scooter if you're into thrills, but it offers optimal mobility and practicality instead.

For its low fuel consumption

Unlike other means of transportation, a 50cc scooter only costs about ten euros to fill up with gas. Since it only covers a small distance, especially in the city, this type of scooter is less energy consuming. And your expenses will be further reduced if you choose an electric scooter.

The best brands of 50cc scooters

In our opinion, the best brands of 50cc scooters in 2022 are :


Present in the world of two-wheelers since 1898, the brand has always known how to innovate to offer consumers the best scooters. It has a wide range of models, from the most basic to the most sophisticated. One of its best-selling recent flagship models in the 50cc category is the Kisbee, which is a sensation all over France and the European continent.

It is undoubtedly one of the biggest scooter brands. The Japanese firm never ceases to surprise with its scooters of futuristic design equipped with the most advanced technology, both in terms of engine and equipment. This is the case of Agility, which is a huge success with scooterists.

Founded in 1954, the Taiwanese brand is known for its scooters that are both high-performance and unbeatable value. It produces state-of-the-art two-wheelers thanks to its merger with Honda. But in 2008, it started to fly on its own and designed different models of scooters ranging from 50cc to maxi-scooters.

This brand has made an indisputable place in the field of two-wheeler manufacturing. Founded in 1884, it immediately conquered the hearts of scooter enthusiasts by producing the famous Vespa. Since then, it has been designing all kinds of motorcycles and scooters to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers.

It was in 1955 that the Yamaha brand started manufacturing motorcycles and mopeds. Even though it is the latest in the industry, it immediately seduced motorcyclists with its two-wheelers that are both durable and ultra-modern. And it continues to satisfy users with scooters presented in all possible ranges.

What is the price for a 50cc scooter

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

1000 £ to 1300 £
1300 £ to 1800 £
more than 1800 £
Price range diagram


Gain performance

Unlocking a 50cc scooter on the public highway is strictly forbidden by law. It is still possible to get much better performance by buying adapted kits like a racing exhaust or a high quality variator. You can also lighten the fairing of your scooter by changing some carbon fiber elements.

Decalcify the exhaust system

If you notice that your 50 cc scooter starts to lose power, it may be that the exhaust is clogged. The easiest way would be to take it apart and put some gasoline inside the muffler. Then you need to shake the muffler vigorously for a few minutes and empty the gasoline. Do this 2 to 3 times, then let the pot air dry.

Customize the lights

Young people today tend to customize their vehicles to their image. So you can customize your 50cc scooter by painting the bulbs of your lights with heat resistant paint or a simple high temperature spray. However, you should not keep these colored bulbs when riding on public roads if you want to avoid penalties.

Clean the air filter

You can clean the air filter of your 50cc scooter yourself. All it takes is the right actions and a little common sense and you're done! To do this, try pulling the foam out of the shell. Once you have it, soak it for 5 minutes in a container with gasoline, wring it out or dry it with a hair dryer. And voila, your filter will be as good as new!

Install hazard lights on a scooter

On a car, hazard lights are clearly visible, while on a scooter they are almost non-existent. However, they allow you to signal any danger or breakdown to other drivers. You can have them perfectly if you tinker a bit. To do so, try to locate the phases of the two turn signals and connect them. Then, connect a single switch with an insulated cable. Just turn on the switch to operate the hazard lights and turn it off if you want to use the turn signals.


As a minor, can I get a license for my 50cc scooter?

All vehicles must have a French registration in order to be driven on the road. It is important to note that a minor cannot apply for a registration for their new scooter. Only the parents can sign the necessary documents to register the vehicle. These must be accompanied by proof of address and identity. In any case, you should always refer to a guide to get the information you need.

Do I need a license for my 50cc scooter?

You don't need a license if you were born before January1, 1988. If this is not the case, the possession of an AM or BSR license is required. However, if you already have a car or motorcycle license, you can use it to drive your 50cc scooter and you will not be required to get an AM license. In any case, you should always be careful and respect the Highway Code in force.

What is the most powerful 50cc scooter?

The law clearly stipulates that the maximum speed allowed for such a scooter is 45 km/h. It cannot be said that a scooter has an ultra-efficient engine since it is limited. Therefore, all scooters, regardless of their engine, run at the same speed. The only difference is in endurance. A scooter equipped with a 4T engine can go a long way, unlike a 2T. Note that the choice of a scooter must be based on certain criteria to find the right model.

What are the alternatives to the 50cc scooter?

You can choose an alternative among the multitude of offers that abound on the market if a 50 cc scooter seems too basic. There is the 50 cc motorcycle, the scooter, the electric bike and of course the famous moped that offer almost the same features. Make sure you choose the right brand and model to optimize your chances of getting a quality vehicle.


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Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5 9
Peugeot Kisbee 50 4T Active Euro 5
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