The best 2-seater approved quads in the UK 2023

A great adventurer on difficult trails and a great driver, the 2-seater quad allows two people to ride comfortably. It can be ridden with a bit of freedom, like a motorcycle, while offering the stability of a car thanks to its 4 wheels. But how do you find the best 2-seater approved quad bike? This buying guide will help you in your search.

XTRM Factory 81 Kayo bull 200cc

Editor's Choice

XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc

The best 2-seat certified quad in 2021

With its 200 cc displacement and a speed of up to 60 km/h, the XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc is a powerful, comfortable and pleasant to ride 2-seater approved quad.

2 712 £ on Scootcash

Are you looking for a 2-seater approved quad for your outdoor escapades? The XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc has it all. Its 200 cc engine with automatic gearing makes it docile and powerful enough to handle the tough trails of your rides. Riding is a real pleasure, without headaches and in maximum comfort. Straddle the handlebars and go on an adventure even if you are not used to this type of vehicle.

The XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc has 2 racks capable of carrying up to 30 kg of tools and luggage. You can even tow a trailer, a hitch ball is placed at the rear. Another one is at the front when you need to be towed to get past a difficult crossing. Of course, the XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc quad is road legal. So you can ride it around town with a passenger.

USMOTORS 250 Baroudeur XL

Best cheapest

US Motors 250 Baroudeur XL

The best entry-level 2-seat certified quad

The 250 Baroudeur XL from US Motors is the largest model in its category. With this approved 2-seater quad, go on an adventure and master all the trails without any difficulty.

1 992 £ on Planetemotors

The Baroudeur XL's 250cc 4-stroke engine pushes the quad to a top speed of 100 km/h. On rougher trails, play with the 4 speeds and reverse to make the most complex crossings with just a few strokes of the handlebars. Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes keep you safe. If you like to ride your quad over rough terrain, choose this model, which is the largest in its class from US Motors.

Of course, theUS Motors 250 Baroudeur XL leaves room for your luggage and tools in its front rack and its spacious trunk in the back. All of this makes it an excellent utility quad. To get around in the fields and countryside, there is no better way. Since it is approved for the road, you can ride the USMOTORS 250 Baroudeur XL in the city. A B license is enough to drive it while carrying a second person.

Masai A550 IX

Best high end

Masai A550 IX

The best high-end 2-seat certified quad

The Masai A550 IX has all the makings of a perfect 2-seater approved quad. Its big 546 cc engine and its on-demand all-wheel drive system, in addition to its many options, make it a true all-terrain beast.

5 192 £ on Newmotorz

The Masai A550 IX is one of the most powerful 2-seater certified quads on the market. Its 546 cc engine and on-demand all-wheel drive provide great power to all 4 wheels. This model can go almost anywhere, in the city, in the countryside and on the most difficult trails. The 4 independent shock absorbers ensure stability in all circumstances while the wheels guarantee optimal grip even on slippery tracks and in the mud.

In spite of its fully assumed adventurous character, the Masai A550 IX remains very pleasant and easy to ride. The grip is light and the seat, equipped with a backrest, is spacious. It can accommodate 2 people without them feeling cramped. You will have no problem driving this road-approved quad. The differential will make it easy to control the handlebars even at high speeds and in tight turns. Its relatively high price is well worth all its qualities and power.

Hytrack HY 170ST

Alternative entry level

Hytrack HY 170ST

The entry-level alternative

Imposing, but docile, the Hytrack HY 170 ST is an approved 2-seater quad that can take you anywhere, in town or in the countryside. It is proposed at a particularly interesting price.

2 232 £ on Scootcash

The Hytrack HY 170 ST has a 148 cc single cylinder engine. The displacement is relatively small compared to the other models in this ranking. However, this machine is no less powerful. This 2-seater quad is very agile on and off the road. Its rather imposing size allows it to gain in stability and the 4-stroke engine has no difficulty in moving its 205 kg.

You can use it as a utility vehicle or as a means of travel on the road without any problem. In any case, riding the Hytrack HY 170 ST is a real pleasure. The controls are simple and the digital speedometer is very practical. The saddle is equipped with a backrest so that you can enjoy maximum comfort throughout your travels. An A license for adults or a B license for those between 16 and 18 years of age is sufficient to drive this road-approved quad.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best 2-seater approved quad

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The best 2-seat certified quad in 2021

The best entry-level 2-seat certified quad

The best high-end 2-seat certified quad

The entry-level alternative

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Comparison table of the best 2-seater approved quads

XTRM Factory 81 Kayo bull 200cc
USMOTORS 250 Baroudeur XL
Masai A550 IX
Hytrack HY 170ST
XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc
US Motors 250 Baroudeur XL
Masai A550 IX
Hytrack HY 170ST
With its 200 cc displacement and a speed of up to 60 km/h, the XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc is a powerful, comfortable and pleasant to ride 2-seater approved quad.
The 250 Baroudeur XL from US Motors is the largest model in its category. With this approved 2-seater quad, go on an adventure and master all the trails without any difficulty.
The Masai A550 IX has all the makings of a perfect 2-seater approved quad. Its big 546 cc engine and its on-demand all-wheel drive system, in addition to its many options, make it a true all-terrain beast.
Imposing, but docile, the Hytrack HY 170 ST is an approved 2-seater quad that can take you anywhere, in town or in the countryside. It is proposed at a particularly interesting price.
200 cc
250 cc
546 cc
148 cc
4-speed manual + reverse
Automatic shift (long and short) + reverse
Front and rear hydraulic drum brakes
3 hydraulic disc brakes
3 hydraulic disc brakes
2 front drum brakes and 1 rear hydraulic disc brake
Seat height
79 cm
83 cm
89 cm
80 cm

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Buying guide - 2-seater approved quad

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How to choose your 2-seater approved quad

The 2-seater approved quads abound on the market. You can find them with different displacements, with manual or automatic gearboxes, adventurers or roadsters... The list of characteristics is quite long. How do you know that one model or another can meet your needs and requirements? The following criteria will help you choose the right 2-seater approved quad for your needs.
choisir quad homologué 2 places

#1 - The use

The approved 2-seater quad is a roadster or an off-roader. Each type has its own use. On the one hand, the approved 2-seater road quad can ride comfortably on asphalt. The tires, suspensions and gearbox are adapted to optimize the vehicle for these urban tracks. This type of quad is comfortable to ride on the road. On the other hand, it is not very versatile since it is almost incapable of venturing off-road, unlike the baroudeur.

The baroudeur is made for crossing and difficult terrain. Because of its versatility, it can be used in the agricultural environment, on construction sites where the terrain is difficult, on the beach and as a vehicle for pleasure when hiking. The baroudeur is a true all-terrain vehicle, although it is relatively difficult to control on paved roads. The choice therefore depends on the use you intend to make of your 2-seater approved quad.

#2 - Your level

As with motorcycles, the engine capacity is a primary criterion for choosing a 2-seater approved quad. A beginner will have difficulty taming an overpowered machine of more than 500 cc. A more docile model would be better. So, if you are a first-time quad rider, choose a model with a displacement between 150 cc and 500 cc. If you are a regular, you can afford a heavy quad with a displacement of 500 cc to 700 cc or even more.

#3 - The displacement

Lightweight quads are models with a displacement of no more than 50 cc. They are light and docile machines, their driving does not require a license. Being over 14 years old and having a BSR (Brevet de sécurité routière) is enough. These approved light quads are suitable if you do not have a license or if you intend to give the quadricycle to a child.

Beyond 50 cc of displacement, the quad is qualified as "heavy". You need a B or B1 license delivered after 2013 to drive it. An A1, A2, A3, A, B or B1 driver's license also gives the right to drive a heavy quad provided it was delivered before January 19, 2013.

#4 - The homologation

There are 2 types of approvals for a quad: T3B and L7E. The first one generally defines agricultural quads and those dedicated to leisure. For a T3B homologation, the 2-seater quad must have a front or rear hitch, run at a maximum of 60 km and weigh less than 64 kg. This approval is sufficient for most recreational or agricultural quads.

The L7E approval is more demanding. It is mandatory for quads intended to be used on public roads open to traffic. It requires, among other things, the presence of a differential on the rear axle and an injection system on the engine.

#5 - The gearbox

On a 2-seat approved quad, you will have an automatic or manual gearbox. Automatic transmissions are the easiest to drive since the gears shift automatically. Manual transmission models have a clutch and a shifter that you have to manipulate to shift gears. They are relatively more complex to drive, but are more versatile once mastered.

Learn to ride an approved 2-seater quad bike

avis quad homologué 2 places

Quads are apparently easy to ride. This stability offered by 4 wheels attracts most novices, especially those who fear the precarious balance of the motorcycle. But beware, driving a 2-seater approved quad is not as easy as you might think. Handling the handlebars requires a lot of effort from the whole body, especially when cornering. To make your life easier, follow the tips below.

Learn the basics

As with a motorcycle, the steering of a 2-seat ATV is controlled by a handlebar. There is a throttle. The throttle differs from the motorcycle throttle in that it is a thumb trigger. The brakes can be dependent, meaning that a single lever is enough to engage the front and rear brakes. It can also be independent. On the other hand, you will be required to operate a shifter and clutch on a quad with a manual transmission.

Finding the right track and getting used to it

Learning to drive a 2-seat approved quad on asphalt is not ideal. On this surface, the handlebars of a quad are quite rough. Slippage and heave problems are experienced when cornering. Choose an authorized dirt track or a dedicated circuit so that you can start in the best conditions.

Find a quad adapted to your level

The choice of quad will be decisive in the course of your first rides. For an adult, a model with a displacement of 150 cc to 300 cc is best. Avoid quads with too much displacement (500 cc and more) which are heavy and not very docile and therefore difficult to control. Lightweight quads under 50 cc are an option for teenagers over fourteen years old and for people who have never ridden a handlebar before.

The different types of 2-seater approved quads

Before buying a motorized quadricycle, it is important to pay attention to the different types of models that are available to you: the roadster and the adventurer.

2-seater road legal quad bike

Quad homologué 2 places routier

When buying a 2-seater certified quad, it is essential to choose the right type of vehicle for your needs. If you want to drive your quad on the road, the approved 2-seater road quad is the perfect model. With the proper suspension and tires, this type of quad allows you to ride more safely on the road. However, most models available on the market are not versatile.

Available with displacements from 50 cc, there are also those with a larger displacement: 125 cc, 150cc, 200cc and even 400cc. However, it should be noted that for the larger displacements of 200cc and 400cc, the models with 4-wheel drive offer better stability. The 50cc 2-seater approved quads have the advantage of driving without a license. For models over 150cc, you will need a B1 license for legal driving on the road.

2-seater road legal quad bike

Quad homologué 2 places baroudeur

The approved 2-seater quad represents a model rather intended for hiking or going on an adventure. It can even be equipped for professional use, like towing agricultural equipment. Indeed, a rogue quad offers a more solid and reliable design coupled with more power. It is the perfect type of quad for any motorized rider. Not only does it have a lot of strength, but it also has a lot of carrying capacity. In general, an approved 2-seater quad has a reverse gear and a luggage rack (rear and front). It is distinguished by its rectangular bodywork.

If you are new to quad biking, this model is particularly recommended. Robust, versatile and easy to handle, it will allow you to drive with more safety and comfort. The displacement of these quads starts from 100 cm³. The most powerful models even exceed 1000 cm³.

Approved 2-seater quad or SSV ?

Approved quad 2 seats

The approved 2-seater quad is similar to a 4-wheeled motorcycle. It is driven with handlebars and sometimes has a passenger backrest or even armrests. It is the ultimate leisure vehicle: at the beach, on hiking trails and on roads open to traffic, depending on the approval. Driving comfort is privileged, sometimes to the detriment of performance and practicality, unlike agricultural quads. The 2-seater recreational quad bike is available in a wide range of brands and models with very different prices.


The SSV for Side by Side Vehicle is an all-terrain vehicle which takes the bases of the quad. It differs by its wider chassis allowing to fit 2 seats side by side or 2 rows of 2 seats, hence its name. The handlebars are replaced by a steering wheel. Unlike the quad, the SSV has a roll bar that overhangs and protects the passengers. This type of 4-wheeled vehicle is widely used for recreational purposes, although there are also utility models. The purchase of an SSV is generally quite high compared to a quad.


The approved 2-seater quad is ideal if you want to limit your expenses related to the purchase of a recreational vehicle. It will cost less than an SSV, which can sometimes be worth the price of a car, especially the Polaris RZR 2+2. On the other hand, the SSV will be more advantageous if you are looking for a vehicle capable of carrying more than two people. There are models that seat up to 6 people.

Why buy an approved 2-seater quad?

pourquoi acheter quad homologué 2 places


The approved 2-seater quad is a versatile vehicle. It can venture onto any track, from fine sand to dusty or muddy forest trails to rough field and country terrain. Best of all, you can ride your certified quad around town. It looks like a 4x4, but lighter, easier to drive and much more affordable.


Where a motocross bike goes, the quad can follow. With no bodywork, the quad shares with its two-wheeled cousin the feeling of freedom and excitement when riding. The 2-seater quad even has an advantage: it is more stable. The four wheels ensure perfect balance even on the roughest terrain.

Ease of riding

Driving a motorcycle on a trail is not for everyone. Novices will not be able to embark on this adventure, which can be dangerous, unless they ride a quad bike. Since it is more stable on its 4 wheels, it becomes easier to drive. There are also models with less than 50 cc that can be driven without a license and are suitable for novices.

The choice

The approved 2-seater quad meets almost all needs and desires. Some models are designed for agricultural use. Others are excellent leisure vehicles while others ride very comfortably on the roads. There is also a wide choice of power and displacement. Lightweight quads under 50cc are for beginners. The heavy quads are equipped with engines ranging from 50 cc to 1000 cc.

The price

The prices of 2-seater approved quads are very disparate. Lightweight entry-level models can be purchased for as little as €600. For a budget between 1500 € and 3000 €, you can afford a heavy quad of less than 500 cc. The most powerful models can cost up to €10,000 and more. With such a wide price range, you will certainly find an approved 2-seater quad at a price that fits your budget.

The best brands of 2-seater approved quads

In our opinion, the best brands of 2-seater approved quads in 2022 are :

XTRM Factory 81

XTRM Factory 81 is a French company specialized in the sale of motocross, dirtbike, buggy and quad. Since 26 years, it proposes a whole range of machines and spare parts of high quality. The quads approved at XTRM Factory 81, especially those of the Kayo brand, stand out for their excellent quality/price ratio.

USMOTORS is an importer specialized in motorcycles and quads. The company offers a wide range of vehicles, including the 250 cc motocross model and the approved quads, which are very successful in the UK and in several European countries. USMOTORS highlights the particularly low prices of these quads which, despite everything, remain of very good quality.

Masai is the brand of the French group Delta Mics which is specialized in the manufacture of motorized leisure products. It includes the manufacturer's motocross and quad range. In the quad bike market, Masai is known for offering very high quality, high performance models that meet the needs of all bikers, from novices to seasoned riders.

Like Masai, the Hytrack brand is a property of the Delta Mics group. The French manufacturer leverages its know-how and experience in the motorized recreation industry to offer a range of high-quality motorcycles and quads. Haytrack's models are widely distributed to the public and to motorized recreation professionals.

Polaris is the great world leader in the quads and SSV market. It is credited with the invention of the very first SSV and has a very strong reputation among quad users around the globe. Polaris guarantees superior quality and exceptional longevity of these 2-seater approved quads.

What is the price for a 2-seater approved quad

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

2000 £ to 3250 £
3250 £ to 5000 £
more than 5000 £
Price range diagram


Choose an approved 2-seater quad with a rear axle with differential

If you plan to ride on asphalt, choose an approved 2-seat quad with a rear axle with differential. It will be easier to drive, as the differential will reduce the effect of skidding in turns. Note that the presence of this differential on the rear axle is a mandatory criterion to have a quad approved according to the L7E standard.

Tilt your body inward to limit slippage

The spinning effect is very regularly noticed when you enter a curve on a 2-seater approved quad without a differential. This is because all the wheels on the quad are turning at the same speed even though they are traveling different distances. You can limit this spinning by leaning your body towards the inside of the turn. This will free up some of the wheels on the outside, reducing their slip.

Get used to the trigger as a throttle

In the vast majority of cases, approved 2-seat quads have a throttle in the form of a thumb trigger. The feature may seem rather disconcerting at first. However, it's best suited to these vehicles, which require you to handle the handlebars with more force and precision. Take the time to get used to the trigger so that you can drive your quad like a professional.

Use the brakes properly

Braking on a 2-seater approved quad is relatively simple. It's all a matter of dosage. It's important to know how to dose the braking. In order to enjoy optimal braking in any situation, choose models with independent front and rear brakes. After a time of adaptation to its use, you will better control your quad if it is equipped with these independent braking systems.

An unapproved quad to avoid power limits

It is possible to exceed the power limits imposed by the homologation. Your quad will not be certified and its power will not be limited in any way. In this case, the machine will not be authorized to run on roads open to traffic. You will have to drive it exclusively in a private and closed area. You will also have to take out a civil liability insurance policy even if the quad does not run on public roads.


What license is required for a 2-seat certified quad?

You don't need a license to drive a "light" 2-seater approved quad, that is to say a machine that weighs less than 350 kg and has an engine capacity of 50 cc or less. A B or B1 license is required to drive a "heavy" quad with an engine capacity of over 50 cc. A category A driver's license can also be validated if it was issued before January 19, 2013.

Is it difficult to drive a 2-seat certified quad?

At first glance, driving an approved 2-seater quad may seem simple. This is not always the case. These vehicles require quite a bit of effort especially when riding on asphalt. When cornering, the quad tends to spin or lift. Riding a quad therefore requires technique and a certain amount of accommodation for novices.

How do I know if a 2-seat quad is certified?

In general, the dealer or distributor is required to specify the homologation of a quad. If the certification is not listed, ask the seller. You can also compare the features of the quad with the certification requirements. When you buy a used quad, it must be delivered with a grey card if it is correctly homologated.

What is the maximum speed for a 2-seat certified quad?

The maximum speed allowed on a 2-seater homologated quad depends on the type of homologation. A T3B approved model must not exceed 60 km/h. The top speed is limited to 90 km/h on L7E approved 2-seater quads. Basically, some quads engines can exceed these limits. However, they are limited to comply with the current homologation criteria.


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XTRM Factory 81 Kayo bull 200cc
XTRM Factory 81 Kayo Bull 200 cc
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