The best 2-door refrigerators in the UK 2023

A key element of a kitchen, the refrigerator equips 99% of French homes. Combined, American or multi-door, the 2-door fridge is the most common. But with so many brands (Samsung, LG...) and shapes to choose from, it's not easy. Let's take a look at the best 2-door fridges for this year.

Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator 1

Best value for money

Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator

The best 2-door fridge in 2021

With its sleek design, this LG American 2-door refrigerator has plenty of storage space. With its large storage capacity, it is suitable for a large family.

818 £ on Amazon

If you are looking for a practical and efficient 2-door fridge, this LG model will please you. Thanks to its useful volume of 601 L and its energy class A+, it offers a lot of space while consuming little. It is also a quiet appliance with only 39 dB of noise level. Moreover, the Total No-frost technology and the automatic defrosting system allow an optimal preservation of fragile foods.

In terms of design, this freestanding refrigerator fits in any room, whether it is the kitchen or the living room. Details such as the LED lighting or the Magic Crisper glass shelf add even more charm to this refrigerator. The 2 doors are secured by a child lock system. There is also a practical and efficient exterior ice maker at all times. Finally, this refrigerator is guaranteed antibacterial.

CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4 2

Best value for money

CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4

The best entry-level 2-door fridge

The FBM250NE4 low refrigerator-freezer developed by CHiQ ideally combines practicality, efficiency and discretion. In a word, this model is a safe value for the whole family because of its design.

351 £ on Amazon

Made of stainless steel, this model has an elegant design. Its compact design and size means it doesn't take up too much space. Practical, this appliance consists of a refrigerator and a bottom freezer. The whole unit offers a large volume of 250 L, which is suitable for a household of 2 to 3 people.

This model is equipped with No Frost technology for easy maintenance. Since it is energy efficient, consuming only 237 kWh/year, you don't have to worry about your energy bill. Moreover, it gives you the possibility to easily set the desired temperature via an electronic device. Finally, this appliance respects your peace and quiet with a maximum sound level of 42 dB.


Best premium value for money


The best top-of-the-line 2-door fridge

The LG GSJ361DIDV American refrigerator will certainly suit you if you are looking for a large capacity model. Equipped with a total No Frost system, it will not clutter your kitchen either.

1 134 £ on Amazon

Having a fridge is no longer a luxury, especially a model like this one! Its design allows it to integrate perfectly all the decorations. The LG GSJ361DIDV offers a total volume of 591 L. The defrosting of the appliance is done automatically, so you can save time. In all, this refrigerator is only 179 x 91.2 x 71.7 cm.

In addition, the LG GSJ361DIDV fridge has 4 glass shelves that you can use as shelves. With a refrigeration capacity of 12 kg/24 h, it is a very low energy consumption model. On average, it consumes only 429 kWh per year.

Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4 4

Great value for money

Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4

The best design and powerful 2-door fridge

This refrigerator has all the features of a 2-door fridge with the option of ambient air cooling. Its strengths lie in its efficient storage and simple design.

488 £ on Cdiscount

The CHiQ FBM317NE4 does not disappoint! This refrigerator with reversible doors has a capacity of 317 L compartmentalized by several glass shelves. It quickly evacuates humidity to keep food cool and dry thanks to Total No Frost and Multiairflow technology. With an energy class of A+, this CHiQ appliance does not consume energy.

Its size and design allow for easy installation in any environment and room. It also has a touch-sensitive LED screen to control the thermostat and the freezing world. The LED system, for its part, provides 360° lighting of all cooling zones. Low noise, this refrigerator-freezer has a sound level of 42 dB.

Samsung RL4363FBASL 5

Very good

Samsung RL4363FBASL

A very good choice

We love the large capacity of the Samsung RL4363FBASL refrigerator-freezer. You can store a lot of food in it. In addition, the appliance is aesthetic and robust.

681 £ on Amazon

With an energy class of A++, this Samsung refrigerator-freezer will effectively optimize the comfort of your home, while limiting your energy expenses. Just by looking at it, you'll see that the appliance exudes quality. The design is beautifully finished and you'll appreciate its ultra-practical accessories like the water dispenser with lock. No risk for your little ones to rummage in the fridge.

The net volume of the refrigerator is 300 L and the freezer is 132 L. The temperature of each compartment is independently adjustable and various accessories are available, such as a water dispenser. Its ice compartment is positioned in its lower part and its freezing capacity is 10 kg/h. Looking for an efficient, economical and reliable refrigerator-freezer? We recommend this Samsung product.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best 2 door fridge

Any specific needs?

The best 2-door fridge in 2021

The best entry-level 2-door fridge

The best top-of-the-line 2-door fridge

The best design and powerful 2-door fridge

A very good choice

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Comparison table of the best 2-door refrigerators

Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator 6
CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4 7
Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4 9
Samsung RL4363FBASL 10
Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator
CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4
Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4
Samsung RL4363FBASL
With its sleek design, this LG American 2-door refrigerator has plenty of storage space. With its large storage capacity, it is suitable for a large family.
The FBM250NE4 low refrigerator-freezer developed by CHiQ ideally combines practicality, efficiency and discretion. In a word, this model is a safe value for the whole family because of its design.
The LG GSJ361DIDV American refrigerator will certainly suit you if you are looking for a large capacity model. Equipped with a total No Frost system, it will not clutter your kitchen either.
This refrigerator has all the features of a 2-door fridge with the option of ambient air cooling. Its strengths lie in its efficient storage and simple design.
We love the large capacity of the Samsung RL4363FBASL refrigerator-freezer. You can store a lot of food in it. In addition, the appliance is aesthetic and robust.
Total useful volume
601 L
250 L
591 L (refrigerator : 394 L/freezer : 197 L)
317 L
432 L
Noise level
39 dB
42 dB
39 dB
42 dB
Cooling type
Total No Frost
Ventilated cooling
Ventilated cooling
Total No Frost
Multi Flow ventilated cooling
Energy class
Linear Inverter compressorMagic

CrisperIce, ice, water dispenserFresh

lightingDigital 88 Sensitive LED
lockDoor open

No Frost technology, Dynamic cooling system, Electronic temperature control
No Frost technology, automatic defrosting, Water'tonome system without water connection, child safety lock, multiple airflow system (refrigerator), anti-bacterial coating, open door alarm security, autonomy in case of power failure: 10 h
LED lighting
360°Removable odor
technologyOpen door
functionHeight adjustable front

LED side lighting, with ultra convenient water dispenser and ice cube tray, quick freeze function

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How to choose your 2 door fridge

American fridge, combined or multi-door, these variants are part of the 2-door fridge family. But beyond these models, there are also other criteria to take into account.

#1 - The use

The choice of a refrigerator should always be based on the type of use. How do you live and how do you cook? Do you shop often or do you only shop once a week or every 2 weeks? All these questions will be used to determine the storage capacity of your future fridge.

#2 - The energy class

The bigger a fridge is, the more energy it consumes. But this is not the only element to take into account, because it is also an appliance that runs constantly and freezing food also requires a good amount of energy. For a 2-door fridge, choose an appliance with an energy consumption level ranging from A+ to A+++.

#3 - The type of cold

The proper preservation of food inside a refrigerator depends mainly on the type of cold. The static cold concentrates the air at the bottom of the refrigerator since it circulates freely in all the compartments of the fridge. It is therefore recommended to keep fresh products such as fruits and vegetables. Then, there is the stirred cold with a fan acting as an air distributor inside the refrigerator. This system allows for a better distribution of air and a better preservation of food. Finally, there is this new system called No Frost or ventilated cooling. The air inside the fridge circulates evenly and dynamically. Thus, humidity is eliminated instantly, hence no frost and bacteria.

#4 - The dimensions

Most consumers tend to choose the biggest and most imposing on the market. Most consumers tend to choose the biggest and most imposing appliance on the market, but it is important to remember that large appliances are always energy consuming. Moreover, they are bulky and can be a nuisance if they take up too much space. What counts is its interior volume. A family of 5 to 6 people can for example opt for a 500 L fridge. The capacity decreases or increases according to the number of people in a household.

#5 - Volume of sound

The noise emitted by a new generation refrigerator must be less than or equal to 40 dB. Beyond that, the appliance is considered noisy and can cause ear discomfort or disturb sleep at night.

How does a refrigerator work?

Contrary to what you might think, the refrigerator does not make cold. In principle, it evaporates the liquid of the refrigerator called refrigerant, so that it captures the heat present in the refrigerator. It will, in fact, capture the heat circulating in its cavity but also that of the food in order to evacuate it towards the outside. The refrigerator will therefore establish a long circuit to carry out this transformation.

To see it more clearly, the refrigerator will use a fluid called refrigerant, as mentioned below, which will circulate in a cooling circuit called evaporator. It is during this journey and thanks to this part, the liquid will evaporate and will become gaseous. This hard-cooled gas will absorb the heat of the food contained in the refrigerator to increase its temperature.

The circuit will continue in the compressor. The compressor will compress the liquid, which is now in the form of a gas, and also ensure that it rises in temperature. Thanks to this, it will be propelled into a condenser, a long coil located at the back of the device. It is at this point that the gas returns to its liquid state and releases its previously recovered heat to the outside.

Its journey ends in the expansion valve which, as its name indicates, will expand the previously compressed liquid. More precisely, the expansion valve lowers the pressure of the liquid which is dehydrated to remove the water and impurities accumulated in the liquid during its journey. This is when the temperature of the liquid will drop to cool the refrigerator cavity.

It is the thermostat that regulated and managed this circuit to keep the temperature stable. Each time the appliance's sensor senses a rise in temperature, for example, when the door is opened for too long, this path will start again.

The different types of 2-door refrigerators

The 2-door refrigerators come in several models: combined, American or multi-door, the choice depends on your taste and your requirements in terms of performance.

Combination fridges

A combined fridge is composed of a refrigerator and a freezer, most often aligned. Only the layout of the freezer area differs depending on the brand. If usually it is on top, some suppliers for the sake of design put it at the bottom.


  • It allows to store fresh products and to save electricity


  • It is larger than a normal fridge and therefore takes up more space.
  • The motor runs out quickly on some models

American refrigerators


American fridge is undoubtedly the most imposing of all appliances. It can store a large quantity of food thanks to its total volume which can reach 600 L. It is often equipped with the No Frost system. Its main asset and what distinguishes it from other fridges is the presence of a fresh water and ice dispenser on the door.


  • They are powerful, efficient and can store a large volume of foodstuffs
  • No frost formation inside


  • They consume a lot of energy and require large spaces for installation
  • Ventilated cold storage can dry out the food

Multi-door fridges

Halfway between the American fridge and the combined one, the multi-door fridge is equipped with several compartments that can hold a huge amount of food that are easily accessible thanks to the wide-opening doors. On some models, the freezer area can be converted into a refrigerator.


  • It is less imposing than the American fridge and the interior accessories are modular.


  • The No Frost system dehydrates food and the available models are expensive

Combination or side-by-side refrigerator?

Combined refrigerator

This model is both practical and energy saving due to its design that combines both compartments. It takes up little space and can be placed anywhere in the house. Since it is powered by a single motor, the motor tends to fail and is no longer efficient after a while.

Side-by-side refrigerator

American and multi-door models are powerful and free you from defrosting chores thanks to the ventilated cooling technology. But they take up a lot of space and are only suitable for large rooms. They also require more time for cleaning.


If you want a model that is ergonomic, with average performance, but that doesn't get in the way, combination fridges are the best option for you. On the other hand, if you have a large home and more aesthetics, side-by-side refrigerators are the right models.

Why buy a 2 door fridge?

2-door refrigerators are one of those large appliances that are on the rise. Households buy them for several reasons.

  • To store a large amount of groceries

One-door models are sometimes useful for those who live alone or as a couple and the need for change is felt when the family grows. 2-door fridges are perfect for storing large amounts of food. Whether it is a combination, American or multi-door, they always have a significant storage capacity. The choice is made according to the number of people living under the same roof.

  • For optimal storage

With the two independent doors, one for the freezer part and another for the refrigerator, the conservation of food in each part is not disturbed. You won't have to open the freezer if you want to get a cold drink. Fish and meat are not in the refrigerator, but are frozen, so there is no need to open this area.

The American models go further by offering a mini water and ice dispenser integrated to their door. The multi-door models have their own wine cellar and minibar. So, no need to open the other drawers to have a nice evening.

  • For the aesthetic

It's obvious, the 2-door fridges are more stylish than the classic ones. In addition to its performance and power, these models are decorative objects in their own right. They bring more punch to the decoration of the kitchen or the room where they are placed.

The best brands of 2-door refrigerators

In our opinion, the best brands of 2-door refrigerators in 2022 are :


The Samsung brand, famous for its high-end smartphones, also designs high-quality American 2-door fridges. Its refrigerators are among the most popular models. The fridges with water, ice and ice cream dispensers are among the best sellers on the market.

This Chinese brand, created in the 1980s, is also a reference in terms of the design of household appliances, particularly 2-door fridges. Haier offers fridge-freezers with a no-frost system and a minibar.

Another Chinese brand that has made a name for itself in terms of manufacturing high-performance 2-door refrigerators is Hisense. Founded in 1969, it ranks among the world's top appliance manufacturers. Its top-of-the-line models are powerful, ergonomic and competitively priced.

The 2-door fridges of this brand always stand out with their pure design that seduces at a glance and their great preservation capacities. It is especially renowned for the robustness of its products.

It is the big name in the field of household appliances. This German brand is undoubtedly the most famous of all, thanks to its products of exceptional quality. Its refrigerators are recognized by their very solid steel design that undoubtedly blends in with any type of furnishings and decor.


Before defrosting

Put a half-full bottle of water and an ice pack in the freezer. Don't forget the freezer bags filled with newspaper in which you will place the food and the above mentioned items during the defrosting process. This way, the food will remain intact.

Removing the ice layer in a fridge


can use a defrosting spray to remove any ice that gets stuck in the freezer section. But before you do, remember to empty the appliance thoroughly and put towels in it that will suck up the smell of the spray.

Limiting annoying noise from refrigerators


your refrigerator becomes too noisy, the best thing to do would be to limit the opening/closing of the door. You should also check the seals for leaks and see if the ventilation part is not obstructed. The unit should also be placed on a stable location.

Drive out bad smells

Always use airtight boxes or plastic bags for foods with strong odors. Clean the defrost tray on the back of the refrigerator if it is dirty. If the smell persists, put vinegar or baking soda in a cup and place it in the fridge.

Extend the life of the refrigerator


first thing to do is to install the fridge in a cool place far from any heat source and leave a few centimeters on each side to ventilate it well. Also remember to close the fridge after use. Also check that the fridge is well defrosted if you have a model with automatic defrosting.


What is the best 2 door fridge?

The best 2 door fridge depends on your needs and budget. Read our buying guide to find out which products are the best at the moment.

How do you organize the interior of a refrigerator?

The key is to know how to use all the shelves and drawers included in the refrigerator. The most modern fridges are well laid out and the role of each tray and shelf is well indicated in the user's manual. If not, be aware that certain foods such as potatoes and spreads should never be stored in a fridge. Also remember to use labels and to write the date of the beginning of the conservation, without forgetting the hermetic boxes to avoid the transmission of the odors.

What is the ideal size for an American fridge?

There is no ideal size since the size of your fridge will depend essentially on the aspect of the room where it will be installed. Nevertheless, there is an average to respect which is 84 and 92 cm of width for 75 to 80 cm of depth and 180 cm of height.

What is a climate class?

The climate class is translated by the appropriate temperature for which the refrigerator was manufactured. There are currently eight of them: N for temperate climate class, SN for extended temperate, ST for semi-tropical, T which stands for tropical, SN-T stands for extended tropical climate class, N-T for tropical temperate climate class, SN-ST which indicates an extended subtropical class and finally N-ST for temperate to subtropical.

What is the difference between an American fridge and a multi-door fridge?

Yes, many people confuse American style with multi-door fridges. The best way to do this is to count the doors, because the American ones always have two doors facing each other and the multi-doors can have several cabinets.


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Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator 11
Lg GSL6611PS American refrigerator
CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4 12
CHiQ Low Refrigerator Freezer FBM250NE4
Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4 14
Réfrigérateur congélateur bas CHiQ FBM317NE4
Samsung RL4363FBASL 15
Samsung RL4363FBASL


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