The best 2 DIN car radios in the UK 2023

Having a car radio in your car allows you to listen to your playlists and anything else on the radio while driving, but with the evolution of technology, this is no longer enough. In fact, drivers now need a high-performance, multimedia device that allows them to take calls, with various connections and, above all, that can be programmed as desired: the 2 DIN car radio. If you too are a high-tech enthusiast, this guide will help you to know the best 2 DIN car radios of the moment.

Sony XAVAX1000 1

Best value for money

Sony XAVAX1000

The best 2 DIN car radio in 2021

This Sony car radio has a large touch screen. It is equipped with a USB port and an AUX input for headphones. The device is connectable to an Android or iPhone smartphone through Bluetooth and Apple Carplay.

199 £ on Amazon

The features of the Sony XAVAX1000 car radio offer good sound quality. Each playlist programmed on a phone can be listened to on the car radio while driving. This connection is provided by Bluetooth. The device can read audio files from a USB stick. Individual listening is possible by connecting headphones.

Its touch screen is multifunctional. It displays the messages received on the smartphone that is connected to the car radio. By clicking on the corresponding icon, it is possible to make and receive calls without touching the phone. Through Apple Carplay, the screen of this car radio shows the route of the vehicle. This is done by voice command.


Best value for money


The best entry-level 2 DIN car radio

JVC KW-DB93BT is a 2 DIN car radio that combines design and performance. Its DAB+ receiver provides a clear radio signal without interference. A subwoofer or amplifier can be connected to this car radio for more sound vibration.

146 £ on Amazon

The overall appearance of this car radio can be changed according to the colors desired by its user. This change will be directly seen on the illumination of the screen and the keys of the device. With a variety of interchangeable colors, the choice is very wide. The car radio has both a CD player and a USB port. It can be connected to Bluetooth.

The use of Bluetooth is for phone calls or listening to music. The technology developed by this device is based on the use of a hands-free kit in case of incoming or outgoing calls. If necessary, there are pre-outlets on the car radio to receive additional speaker cables or an amplifier.

ATOTO S8 Gen2 3

Best value for money


The best premium 2 DIN car radio

The interface and features of this car radio are very similar to those of an Android phone. Slots are present on the device for the insertion of a SIM card, a micro SD card and headphones. Its buttons are arranged to be more visible.

423 £ on Amazon

This ATOTO S8 Gen2 car radio can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The only difference is that it can link several mobile devices at the same time. To access the Internet, the insertion of a SIM card is the solution as well as a wifi connection. Google Apps applications can be installed on the car radio.

ATOTO S8 Gen2 is compatible with Android and iOS systems. The touch screen of this car radio displays the route the vehicle is traveling if the device is connected to Apple Carplay. The car radio is also a safety device for the car on which it is installed. With the necessary equipment, its screen helps the driver when backing up.

Pioneer Car Multimedia SPH-DA230DAB 4


Pioneer Car Multimedia SPH-DA230DAB

The best 2 DIN Multimedia car radio

This touchscreen car radio belongs to the 2 DIN model. Its DAB+ reception frequency is the same as that of digital radios. It can be connected to iPhone or Android, using Bluetooth or Apple Carplay. The presence of a video player makes its difference.

362 £ on Amazon

A Bluetooth connection between the car radio and an Android phone offers the driver two possibilities. On the one hand, he can transfer the playlist from his phone to listen to it on the car radio with better sound performance. On the other hand, the connection through Bluetooth allows to make phone calls on hands-free kit.

Qualified as a multimedia car radio, it is able to read files of different sizes and formats. Audio or video, everything is compatible on this device. Moreover, it has a functionality related to a graphic equalizer. This adjustment system consists in personalizing the sound effects of the car radio for a good hearing during the driving.

Buying guide • November 2023

Best 2 DIN car radio

Any specific needs?

The best 2 DIN car radio in 2021

The best entry-level 2 DIN car radio

The best premium 2 DIN car radio

The best 2 DIN Multimedia car radio

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Comparison table of the best 2 DIN car radios

Top Inexpensive High-end Excellent
Sony XAVAX1000 5
ATOTO S8 Gen2 7
Pioneer Car Multimedia SPH-DA230DAB 8
Sony XAVAX1000
Pioneer Car Multimedia SPH-DA230DAB
This Sony car radio has a large touch screen. It is equipped with a USB port and an AUX input for headphones. The device is connectable to an Android or iPhone smartphone through Bluetooth and Apple Carplay.
JVC KW-DB93BT is a 2 DIN car radio that combines design and performance. Its DAB+ receiver provides a clear radio signal without interference. A subwoofer or amplifier can be connected to this car radio for more sound vibration.
The interface and features of this car radio are very similar to those of an Android phone. Slots are present on the device for the insertion of a SIM card, a micro SD card and headphones. Its buttons are arranged to be more visible.
This touchscreen car radio belongs to the 2 DIN model. Its DAB+ reception frequency is the same as that of digital radios. It can be connected to iPhone or Android, using Bluetooth or Apple Carplay. The presence of a video player makes its difference.
Screen size and type
2-line LCD display
4 x 55 W extra-low bass
200 W
4 x 49 W
4 x 50 W
Connectics and connections
Pre-amp output, rear camera input, USB input, RCA output, RCA audio/video input, Bluetooth
USB, Bluetooth, preamp output, auxiliary input
Wifi, Bluetooth, USB, built-in 4G modem, multiple inputs and outputs
USB, Bluetooth, Aux-in, PAL/NTSC/PERITEL, RCA video, rear camera input, RGB input, HDMI
HD radio, hands-free, HSP, PBAP, A2DP, AVRCP, MP3, picture and video
CD, MP3, FM, RDS, DAB+, AM/FM Tuner
FM tuner, RDS, audio/video input, DAB/Dashcam/OBD2 (optional), MP3, picture and video
Tuner RDS FM/AM, DAB+, MP3, picture and video
Compatible applications
Siri and Apple CarPlay, Flac
PhoneLink, Waze, Google Maps, Spotify, ...
Waze, AppRadio + mode, Spotify, CarPlay, Android Auto, Siri Eyes Free, Flac

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Buying guide - 2 DIN car radio

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How to choose your 2 DIN car radio

If you're on a long car journey, the trip would be very boring without music! For this, a car radio is a must. But before you buy one, take the time to analyze a few criteria to avoid disappointment.

#1 - The screen size

In order to have a comfortable use, it is better to choose a large screen. This way, you can easily navigate through the menus. And a large screen means large icons! It's easier, for example, to choose a piece of music, to make different settings if necessary, or to access a specific feature.

#2 - The power

This criterion varies according to the number of watts. In most cases, the power is distributed among the 4 speakers with one speaker at each door. Thus, the distribution of sound is done in a homogeneous way. Very important: it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the cumulative power of the device is not greater than that of the speakers!

#3 - The connectors

Before choosing a model of 2 DIN car radio, make sure first of all that it integrates a sufficiently rich connectivity! You'll gain in practicality. A USB port is unavoidable these days. This allows you to read your various multimedia files at any time. Also, check that your future car radio also has an SD port! Bluetooth connectivity is also important, as it allows you to manage your calls using the speakers via the hands-free kit.

#4 - The multifunctionality

Using a 2 DIN car radio means giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from many interesting features. We can mention among others the 3G/4G compatibility which allows you to use your mobile network on the device! There is also the GPS function to help you find your route quickly or simply the video playback to watch your favorite movies during the whole trip.

#5 - The extra options

Depending on the model, you will be able to enjoy other additional options. One example is the "pre-recording" function. It is possible to save up to 30 frequencies! There is also the RDS option which is present on the majority of current car radios. This provides you with a certain amount of useful information about the song (name of the singer, title...).

What is a 2 DIN car radio?

To put it simply, a 2 DIN car radio is a type of car radio that is mainly used in today's cars. The name "DIN" comes from "Duetsches Institut für Normung", a German standardization organization. It is currently the standard size for car radios. For a 1 DIN car radio, it must be 18 cm wide and 5 cm high. For a 2 DIN car radio, the height will be double, i.e. 10 cm.

What are the particularities of a 2 DIN car radio?

A 2 DIN car radio requires two compartments when connecting. On one side there is the console and on the other side the touch screen. In most cases, this device has no less than 4 connectors, namely speakers, GPS, multimedia and power. On this type of car radio, there are also many features that are not necessarily present on a 1 DIN car radio. This does not necessarily mean that the latter is less efficient. The great advantage of the 2 DIN car radio is that it has a large screen. This allows for a better diffusion of information and a more comfortable viewing of videos and clips for example.

Installing a 2 DIN car radio

The first thing to do is to uninstall the old radio properly. Once this is done, insert the metal frame in the place where the device will be placed. Now it's time to make the connections by connecting the ISO wires to the appropriate jacks. Next, connect your speakers to the standard ISO socket and don't forget to test the connections. Now all you have to do is slide the car radio into the dedicated compartment! In case the unit doesn't fit properly, make sure the cables don't get in the way.

The different types of 2 DIN car radios

There are several types of 2 DIN car radios and the choice depends mainly on your needs and expectations in terms of performance.

Genuine 2-DIN car radio

An original 2 DIN car radio allows the user to enjoy basic functionality. If you are one of those drivers who like to limit themselves to the essentials and don't really care about "superfluous" applications, then this type of device is what you need! It is therefore suitable for users who have a relatively low level of requirements.

The biggest weakness of the original 2 DIN car radios is the update of the multimedia system and the GPS! This can indeed be quite expensive. Then, we can say that at the level of the functionalities, the choice is a little limited with an original model. You can replace your original 2 DIN car radio with a 2 DIN multimedia car radio! The latter has the advantage of featuring a touch-sensitive LCD screen that guarantees its user a very appreciable visual experience. Moreover, this kind of model can include a wifi router in order to have an internet connection, but also an RDS receiver to enjoy richer multimedia content.

Some models of 2 DIN multimedia car radios are not equipped with a CD/DVD player. However, this is one of the most widely used media, even though it seems to have aged with the evolution of technology. Second weak point to point out: we notice that the pairing of this kind of car radio with a Smartphone very often causes problems.

Multimedia 2-DIN car radio

The 2 Din Androïd car radios offer many advantages to their users. Firstly, one can proceed to install various applications for example Google Play music. Then, no matter which GPS software you choose, the device is always compatible. And precisely on this point, the driver can also benefit from the Alexa voice assistant for more convenience!

As for the negative points, it must be said that this type of car radio does not have many! However, it can happen that a model is exclusive to a specific car brand. In a word, this means that the device is not compatible with any car. There are also users who point out the lack of brightness on the screen of some models.

Android 2-DIN car radio

2 DIN or 1 DIN car radio?

2 DIN car radio

Compared to a 1 DIN car radio, the 2 DIN model has many advantages! It allows the user to enjoy optimal visual comfort. Indeed, because of its large screen, it is much easier to use with clearly visible icons. Watching movies or clips is also more pleasant. In addition to the internet connection, you can enjoy video streaming and many other possibilities!

The disadvantages of this car radio are not numerous. But if there's anything to complain about, it's its size, which requires a fairly large space! You should make sure that its dimensions can be properly integrated into your vehicle before buying it. Apart from that, there is also the question of compatibility, because some models are only intended to work on a specific brand of car.

1 DIN car radio

Compared to a 2 DIN car radio, a 1 DIN car radio is quite capable of suggesting about the same functions! Thanks to its more compact and less imposing size, it also has the advantage of being suitable for small spaces. Despite this, this type of car radio manages to display a sufficient amount of information for its user.

Despite its advantages, especially its practicality, the 1 DIN car radio has a number of drawbacks. Because of its size, it does not provide the same visual comfort as the 2 DIN car radio! Of course, its small screen limits the possibilities it can offer. In terms of display quality, a smaller car radio can logically also be outperformed by a larger model.


Whether it's a 1 DIN or 2 DIN car radio, both of these devices can make your long car journeys a pleasure. But if you absolutely want to enjoy real visual comfort, you should turn to the 2 DIN car radio! It's also the best option for more advanced features. Otherwise, the 1 DIN car radio is perfect for the less demanding.

Why buy a 2 DIN car radio?

For its sound quality

When you buy a car radio, what you are looking for above all is the sound quality it is capable of producing. With a 2 DIN car radio, you have at your disposal a complete and efficient tuning system. And even if not everyone has the same taste in sound, this device is able to offer you what you expect from it.

For ease of use

Most 2-DIN car stereos come with a GPS option. This is very handy for finding the shortest route to your destination. In addition, this type of car radio has various connections to automatically read all your digital files. It is not uncommon to see models with a USB input, SD card reader or Bluetooth technology.

For safe driving

When you're driving, taking your hands off the wheel for even a moment can have disastrous consequences. Thanks to the technology in 2 DIN car radios, you don't have to do it again and again! For example, the driver can connect his smartphone to the car radio through the Bluetooth connection. He will be able to use the radio system to make calls in hands-free mode. And that's not all! Thanks to the remote control, the user can operate the device without taking his hands off the wheel.

For visual comfort

If you want to enjoy movies on your road trips, nothing beats a 2 DIN car radio! Apart from its large screen, it broadcasts high-resolution images so you can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience. And if you're driving at night, the screen is properly illuminated so it doesn't strain the driver's eyes.

To enhance your dashboard

It's fitting that 2 DIN car stereos are much larger in size, compared to conventional and 1 DIN models. As a result, it's hard not to notice them! As a rule, these car stereos have a nice modern design that adds to the beauty of your dashboard. And your passengers won't disagree.

The best brands of 2 DIN car radios

In our opinion, the best brands of 2 DIN car radios in 2022 are :


This Japanese brand was founded in 1938. In the beginning, it focused on speaker and radio repair. But as time went by, Pioneer decided to specialize in the electronics sector by launching CD/DVD players as well as mixers. Nowadays, it is a real reference in the world of sound by offering products that are both efficient and of high quality, such as its car radios.

The brand was born in 1946 in Japan and is based in Tokyo. Today, it is one of the big names in consumer electronics. In 2004, its market share in this field worldwide exceeded 14%! This success proves that its products are highly appreciated by consumers. When it comes to car radios, Sony stands out with devices that have a lot of features and display a very neat design.

It was created in Japan in 1927 and started its activities by manufacturing phonographs. As it evolved, it chose to diversify its products and thus designs video recorders and other audio devices. It is currently one of the best brands in the electronics sector. The quality and performance of its devices are no longer to be proven!

The history of this brand begins in 1967 in Japan. Nowadays, it is renowned for its car radios which are among the best on the market. It is not for nothing that the big behemoths of the automotive industry such as BMW, Jaguar, Honda and Dodge have trusted the brand to equip their vehicles. The Alpine brand is synonymous with impeccable quality!

This brand was founded in 1947 in Japan. If there is one product that has contributed to its worldwide success, it is its 8-accessory food processor! Strong of this success, the brand has been able to diversify its products and currently suggests some of the best rated and appreciated car radios by consumers. Why? Quite simply because of the devices that deliver unparalleled sound quality while being reliable and resistant.

What is the price for a 2 DIN car radio

The diagram below will help you to get an idea of the typical prices for each price range (entry-level, mid-range and high-end).

However, more expensive does not necessarily mean better.

We therefore advise you to always consult our ranking before deciding, rather than blindly relying on price ranges.

50 £ to 200 £
200 £ to 400 £
more than 400 £
Price range diagram


Test compatibility with the vehicle

To install a 2 DIN radio, your vehicle's dashboard must have a dual slot. If not, you need to make sure that you can modify the structure of your vehicle. Also, make sure that the number of speakers in your vehicle matches the number of connections on the car radio. Also, the cumulative power of the car radio should be less than the maximum power of the speakers.

Check the connection with the audio system before using the car radio

Installing an audio system requires expertise and care. Therefore, once you have finished installing the set, you should make sure that the 2 DIN car radio is connected to the audio system. In addition, to avoid the risk of electrical shorts, it is essential to check the current and voltage. You should also check that the car radio is working properly.

Beware of water!.

2 DIN car radios can deteriorate easily when they come into contact with water. In fact, parts and accessories on some models stop working properly once they've been in contact with liquid. Contact with a mixture of detergent and water is also risky. Thus, it is advisable to entrust the washing of your vehicle to a conscientious professional.

Update your installation

In order to take full advantage of all the features of your 2 DIN car radio, you need to perform an installation update. This can be done manually or using the unit's factory codes. The update concerns the firmware of the car radio, the navigation system and the navigation maps that make up the unit. Before performing the update, you must verify that the 2 DNI car radio is properly installed.

Clean your car radio regularly

You must clean your car radio regularly to avoid premature wear. For optimal cleaning, you should turn off the screen so that you can easily see the dust and marks that need to be removed. You can then wipe the screen of the car radio with a soft cloth soaked in glass cleaner. When cleaning the buttons, you should make sure that no liquid can get behind the plastic.


How to choose your 2 DIN car radio?

Before you buy your 2 DIN car radio, you need to choose a model that fits your vehicle and meets your needs. You should therefore choose a car radio that is compatible with your car. The connections offered and the technologies on board the device are also important since they optimize the user experience. Moreover, it is best to choose a model that supports Waze.

How to connect a 2 DIN car radio?

Connecting a 2 DIN car radio starts with installing the power supply. Then you need to connect the speaker, multimedia and navigation system connector of the device. Then you need to install the GOS antenna, making sure that its location allows for good reception. We also advise you to update the OS and firmwares of the car radio to optimize its ergonomics and to install a GPS software.

What types of vehicles are compatible with a 2 DIN car radio?

To know if your vehicle is compatible with a 2 DIN car radio you can refer to its model and its year of release. Motorhomes, minivans or SUVs. Mitsubishi and Toyota Land Cruiser are generally compatible with a double DIN radio. It is also possible to use this type of device in a Volkswagen 5,6, 7.

Is it possible to connect a mobile device to a 2 DIN car radio?

Your2 DIN car radio connects to various mobile devices through a USB reader, card inputs, Bluetooth or wifi. So, for example, you can listen to music from your Smarphone on your car radio using Bluetooth. In this way, you can also make phone calls with your hands free and your eyes on the road.


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